November 28, 2014

Why one student braves the conditions for Black Friday

By David Cissell–

As shoppers, we all love getting items for a great price. As long as I can remember, I have always been attracted to great sales on items that interest me. That is why no matter how crazy or terrible the conditions are, Black Friday has been a tradition of mine for about five years now.

People always ask me why I put myself through the torture every year and I always give the same response: the sales are too good to pass up. I often only go to one store every year – Best Buy.  My love for electronics is what drives me to shop there every year. Their deals on video games, movies and televisions never cease to amaze me. I am aware that there are numerous amounts of stores with close to the same deals, but it always seems that Best Buy has exactly what I want.

I have waited countless hours in the freezing cold for these deals because I believe they’re worth it. It is very exciting to me to be able to purchase a brand new game or television for half price. Black Friday allows me not only buy things for myself, but also things for other people. It is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done early while saving money. These deals only come around once a year.

Black Friday shopping is a success to the customer because they are able to buy many items and still have money their pocket. I highly suggest trying Black Friday this year to people who have never been. You will be surprised at how much money you can save and you might find yourself a new tradition.

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