Two weeks ago, the Ville Grill received a failing grade from the Louisville Metro Health Department due to numerous minor issues. Employees left personal belongings behind the serving line, and log books detailing machine records were left blank during closed periods. The department saw the blank records as incomplete.

After the C rating, students became worried about the quality of the food, which most believed was not high quality to begin with, after rumors spread about incorrect food handling practices. A week later, another inspection was performed and the Ville Grill received an A with a score of 100 percent.

“We were relieved the C score was not due to food handling practices.” said Sodexo Marketing and Sustainability Coordinator Charlie Clabaugh. “We reviewed all of the audits and safety guidelines and made sure all of our supervisors were re-certified in order to be ready for this inspection.”

The Ville Grill also received a C during last year’s inspection, their only other C. This was the result of a dish washing machine that was not reaching a certain temperature during the last rinse. According to Sodexo, every other grade received by the Ville Grill was an A.

Some students refused to visit the Ville Grill when it had a C and are not convinced by the newly awarded A. Since the Ville Grill is one of few dining options on campus that accept meal swipes, it remained a popular food destination for most students.

“It has not killed me yet.” said John Francisco freshmen bioengineering major. “I am pretty comfortable with it since I watch them make my food.”

According to U of L Dining services, they hold student health as a priority over anything else and understand that most students depend on them as a food source. They are always looking for suggestions to improve their services.

“We want feedback. We have a Facebook, Twitter, and comment cards.” said Clabaugh. “We are always looking for suggestions on how to make the dining services better.”

Photo by Sasha Perez / The Louisville Cardinal