October 3, 2014

Students, faculty encouraged to get flu shots

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It is that time of year again: flu season. This week, nurses from Campus Health Services set up around campus to provide free vaccinations to any willing student. Students are being encouraged to be proactive in keeping themselves healthy by getting either a flu shot or the nose spray.

“Getting the flu shot helps you finish your schooling earlier. You do not have to miss any days because you will not get sick,” said Joanna Davidson, a local nurse. “Catching the flu means that you will not only miss out on having fun with your friends, but you will miss out on valuable class time, which can have a bad effect on your grades, so your best bet is to do everything you can to stay healthy and keep from catching any viruses.”

“Research has shown that students who get flu vaccine are less likely to develop flu-like illnesses, need to see the doctor or experience impairments in academic performance during flu season,” said Dr. Phillip Bressoud, executive director of Campus Health Services. Bressoud said the vaccinations are paid for through money from student fees.

There are other ways to stay healthy. The Campus Health Services website recommends washing your hands often, covering your sneezes with a tissue or the bend of your elbow, eating healthy, exercising and getting plenty of sleep. If anyone around you are sick, avoid eating or drinking after them and touching their things.

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