A recent article published by The Louisville Cardinal left me confused and disappointed. The article “Greeks establish informal tailgating dress code” is an example of everything I was taught journalism is not. As an alum of Western Kentucky University’s School of Journalism and as a previous member of the editorial board of The Talisman, I was appalled that an article of this low caliber was published by a collegiate school in Kentucky. Our schools are full of diverse student bodies, full of students who bring different values and culture to all aspects of student life. However, this article is not a reflection of the university in my own hometown. It is also not a reflection of the values and ethics student journalists are taught.
This is a blatantly biased article that stereotypes a group of people. There are so many more obvious questions surrounding this aspect of student life that are not covered by this article that I cannot take the time to list them all. I sincerely hope that better discretion is used in the future when decisions are made on what to include in your publication. I would hate for this one poor decision to reflect on the rest of the collegiate journalists in the state who work hard to report the truth in all aspects of their universities.
Lauren Cherry