As a parent of a University of Louisville student I find this article frightening. Is this truly what the Pan-Hellenic Council of the University of Louisville endorses and finds acceptable? This is 2014, have we not moved forward as a society to stop judging people on their appearance? Zeta Tau Alpha members says “You mean cargo shorts? Those aren’t acceptable in any situation,” and as stated by another member of Zeta Tau Alpha “made sure I looked skinny enough,” really? I would hope that your generation of young adults will become more tolerant and accepting. Your generation has the capacity to create change. I challenge each and every one of you to enlighten and educate others on tolerance. I know that one cannot make a generalization on those who participate in Greek Life, but according to the articles in this issue they have certainly not painted themselves in a good light. Please, take this opportunity to move forward and make a change. Please, as a representative of the University of Louisville create an issue on tolerance. Please, use your forum to make a change, not perpetuate shallow minded intolerance.

Stephanie Sack