Sen. Kelly Ayotte talks Obama, Russia

By Lubna Hindi–

New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte talked national leadership and current issues on March 17 when she visited U of L as a guest of the McConnell Center.

Ayotte discussed how to improve flaws in the Obama administration, as well as her take on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. She believes Russia sees the U.S. as weak due to the concessions the U.S. has allowed Russia.

“The reset policy has actually resulted in the Russian interpreting conciliatory measures as weakness and this weakness has been taken advantage of by President Putin,” said Ayotte in regards to Obama’s reset policy. “Since taking office, the Obama administration has offered concession after concession in hopes that doing so would result in a better relationship between our two countries

“As a whole, I very much enjoyed Sen. Ayotte’s remarks,” said Aaron Schultz, junior political science major. “I feel that she did an excellent job explaining the past, present, and future significance of American strength in the context of the world stage. That, and I was impressed with how she took her vast, jargon-filled knowledge from the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and communicated that knowledge in a way that the masses could understand.”

Both high school and U of L students were in attendance. Students were allowed to ask Ayotte questions after her speech. Question topics ranged from the “Ban Bossy” campaign, national spending and even the upcoming NCAA tournament.

Ayotte has served in the U.S. Senate since 2010. She serves as a member on the Senate’s Armed Services, Budget, Commerce, Homeland Security and Government Affairs and Aging committees.

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