November 19, 2013

Letter of thanks to U of L students

UofL Students:


The start of the fall semester began with not only our largest freshman class to date, but also with our largest S.O.U.L., or Student Outreach Uniting Louisville, event in history. I have witnessed that spirit of giving and interest in serving others continue throughout the semester.


As we enter into the traditional time of year for expressing thanks and reflecting, I realize how grateful I am for the many involved students that are a part of the University of Louisville community. As I review the activities that took place on campus this past week and the many student-lead initiatives to create awareness about the needs of others, I am doubly thankful.  Whether it was a group helping us understand the plight of the homeless; students establishing a new organization to assist in typhoon Haiyan relief; the student-run Engage Lead Serve Board providing new avenues for community engagement, service and involvement; or the more than 30 Greek chapters and hundreds of other recognized student organizations involved in community service and philanthropic pursuits on a regular basis; it is exciting to see this new generation of students giving back to others.


We are fortunate to be part of this academic community where we get to work alongside the best and brightest minds everyday and participate in meaningful activities. A life lived just for self is unfulfilling and unrewarding. You appear to fully understand and embrace this concept, because you constantly find ways to positively influence the lives of others. That positivity has a ripple effect that continues to impact the community for a long time thereafter.


With the end of the academic year rapidly approaching, I want to wish you well in completing your academic projects and finishing up exams. I hope that you will remain committed to helping others and continue your involvement in meaningful contributions to your community.



Michael Mardis, Ph.D.

Dean of Students

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