November 5, 2013

English major gives students options and shows creativity

By Bev Upton–

Yes, I know graduates with English degrees have a high unemployment rate. Yes, I know my Bachelors of Art isn’t going to make me a millionaire. I do actually know that I could get paid better or find a job easier if I get a different degree or if I get my masters. Thanks for letting me know.

This is the anthem of an English major. First off, let me tell you why I chose a major that’s on the top ten worst majors of everyone’s list.

I am beyond blessed to be in a program that pays for me to attend the University of Louisville. I don’t pay for my tuition, housing, books or food. I am not smarter than anyone else, nor am I an athlete. I’m just poor. The only reason I am in college right now is because of the Cardinal Covenant program, which is solely operated at U of L. Therefore, I was limited to the majors offered here.

I started off with an interest in Biology, but after taking 102, I ruled that out. Then, I thought I wanted to do Occupational Therapy, but that didn’t work for me. Most of the big programs that U of L offers are based around math, which is not my forte. I was born with a dysfunctional left side of the brain.

I am an idea person. I think holistically; I get really excited about starting new things, and I am always eager to see the end results. I can’t sit in the same spot for more than 20 minutes without feeling bored. I hate lecture halls. I like to do. I learn by trying things myself. What may not work for someone else may work for me, and what may work for one company may not work for another. I like to write. Though reading literature isn’t my favorite thing, I am content with English.

I could get an Education degree, but then what could I do? Teach. I could get a Nursing degree, but then I would be almost limited to being a nurse. The thing is, I don’t want to do those things. Other people might, which is awesome for them, but why would I get a major in something I don’t like to do?

For money? There isn’t even a guarantee that an engineering major will make more than me. Who knows where we will end up. And I honestly don’t care to be rich or even well-off. That takes the fun out of life. I know way more happy and kind lower class people than rich. I know this sounds ignorant to a lot of people, but it’s the truth. I really don’t care. Besides, I am graduating debt-free, and that has to count for something.

English gives me options. From marketing and advertising, to media and publishing, to law and government institutions, there are tons of angles I can go. I have the world ahead of me, and I plan on exploring it. I don’t want to be confined, and my degree shows my creativity. English works.

So no, I’m not going to do something I don’t like. No, I’m not going to try and please everyone with my college and career choices. And no, I’m not sure about what I want to do for a living.

I do want to be myself. And that’s why I’m an English major.

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