October 22, 2013

U of L and faith: Ginny Washbish

By Lynnsey McGraw–

Meet Ginny Washbish. She is a senior majoring in Communications. She is a member of the Polo Team here at the University of Louisville and also writes for The Louisville Cardinal Newspaper.

Washbish is Catholic, but is currently not practicing.

“There is a lot of spirituality in my family,” she said. “My mom and dad got divorced in which my mom remarried to my stepdad, who is Jewish. If we aren’t celebrating a certain holiday, we are usually celebrating a Jewish holiday with him. But on holidays, I will go to Church on occasion.”

Growing up, Washbish went to Catholic school and attended Church once a week in school, as well as every Sunday. That is, up until the 9th grade, when she had switched to the public school system.

How about her social life?

She says, “Being a Catholic affected me in high school but not so much in college. I don’t really discuss my religion because of what people think about Catholics.”

Does having a Catholic background affect her academic life here at U of L?

Washbish doesn’t think so.

“It doesn’t here at college because U of L is more accepting of different religions and backgrounds,” she explained. “Back in high school I would have said it affected me more.”

Washbish has had to endure discrimination based on her religion.

“There was a Christian school down the street that used to tease me for being a Catholic and would call me ‘pagan’ and other unnecessary names. That is when it hurt my feelings and that is when it most affected me.”


Image courtesy of louisville.edu

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