I recently read your piece regarding marriage in the Louisville Cardinal? I must say it was filled with fallacies and mischaracterizations. For one, gay marriage is not a civil rights issue. One has to do with the amount of melanin in a person’s skin; the other has to do with what someone does sexually with another person.
For instance, when have gays been stripped of their identity? When have gays been taken from their homeland by force, packed like sardines in inhumane ways on ships and brought to another land? When have gays been forced to work from sun up to sun down for no wages? When have gays’ families been torn apart and sold? When have their women been raped by white slave masters at will? When have gays been forced to sit at the back of the bus? When have gays been forced to drink from different water fountains? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. Gays have never been subjected to those things.
Most African-Americans are tired of homosexuals hi-jacking the civil rights movement. MLK didn’t march for anything that has to do with a person’s sexuality. You will find no references to anything to the kind in ANY of his messages!
You state “Yet our civilization has not yet collapsed. In fact, it seems largely un-phased.” On the contrary if you study history, you should be aware of the every civilization that accepted and approved of homosexual behavior collapsed from the inside.  That is a known fact of history.
I have a few questions I would like for you to answer:
1.        Who created marriage?
2.       How do you know what you are saying is true?