Senior Voice: top ten things to miss about U of L

By Aimee Jewell–

1. The awesome speakers at UofL
Between SGA and the Engage, Lead, Serve Board, UofL has brought some awesome speakers to campus during my time here. Going to see two of the main guys from The Buried Life and the man who started PostSecret were two life-changing speakers that were brought to campus by the amazing organizations that work to help students stay involved. I will definitely miss the awesome speaking engagements throughout campus.

2. The RSOs (Recognized Student Organizations)
It wasn’t until my sophomore year that I really began being involved at UofL. I began at the student-run radio, WLCV, the Communication Honors Society, Lambda Pi Eta, the Integrated Communications Organization, I-COMM, and numerous other clubs, that helped me realize how important being involved and meeting new people truly is. It is through becoming involved on campus that I began to grow, not only as a student, but a person, and I couldn’t have been more thankful for those opportunities.

3. Dressing down
Seriously, I’m going to miss this a ridiculous amount. This may sound stupid, but when I came to the realization that I wouldn’t be able to wear shorts and t-shirts regularly ever again, I kind of had a minor freak-out. I will definitely miss being able to express myself via Nike running shorts, a ratty work-out t-shirt, and a baseball cap. Never again will I be this fashionably content. And that’s just depressing.

4. The Communication and English Departments
Changing my major to communication and minor to English in the middle of my sophomore year couldn’t have been more perfect. It is through the English and Communication Departments and the opportunities that they provide for students that I have developed as the professional that I have become. The amazing faculty and staff always left me smiling and confident that I made the right decision throughout my time at UofL and for that, I will miss them a tremendous amount.

5. The 3rd floor of Ekstrom Library
Thinking back on the ways I have evolved as a student throughout my five years at UofL is interesting to think about – even in terms of how I used the library to my advantage. From napping on the 3rd floor freshman year as a commuter, religiously studying on the 3rd floor during my sophomore and junior year, or scheduling meetings in Ekstrom my senior and super-senior years, I have grown to call the library my home away from home. That, or Club E…it just makes it sound cooler.

6. The Career Center
I didn’t start going to the Career Center regularly, but once I did I realized all that they have to offer. Not only is the staff phenomenal, but they teach you valuable life lessons that I will miss after I go out into the real world. Whether it’s an interview you need help preparing for or a resume you need revised, they’re there 110% of the way.

7. Having classes with the athletes
I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I’m still in a daze from March Madness and the awesomeness that went on during basketball season. I will definitely miss bragging about lending Peyton Siva my pen in Video Comm. class or making eye contact with T-Will my freshman year (and yes, in case you were wondering, it was a life-changing moment). But seriously, being able to know the athletes that people worship on a somewhat personal level is pretty cool.

8. The amazing teachers
From the classes I hated to the subjects I couldn’t get enough of, the teachers and faculty at UofL are some of the nicest mentors I’ve ever come across. They truly take time and effort to make sure you mature as a student and human being, both inside and outside the classroom. It is extremely unfortunate that I have to move on and leave some of the biggest mentors of my life behind and move on. Thank you all for not only teaching me about the subjects that we studied, but about myself and life in general.

9. Having friends
You may laugh at number nine, but I’m dead serious. As I’ve gone through my undergrad career, I have realized that the go-to group of friends that you acquire freshman and sophomore year offer extremely limited choices once senior year rolls around. Post-graduation, hanging out with friends on a weeknight is slim since most have 9 to 5 jobs each day. Guys, I’m going to graduate and become a loser.

10. Being an undergrad in general
This may sound lame, but when I handed in my last undergraduate assignment, I was walking through campus and my eyes began to water. (Mind you, this was NOT how I saw handing in my last undergraduate assignment panning out. I thought there would be balloons raining from the sky, confetti everywhere, people clapping…you get the point). After I handed in that paper, I realized that it was the last time I would really be on campus for anything school oriented again. It was a sad realization, one that hasn’t quite hit me yet, but I’m sure will once I’ve walked across that stage and received my diploma. It has been through the students and friends I’ve met along the way, the great facility, the amazing campus, and the organizations in which the University supports that I will be heartbroken once I have left what has been my second home for five years. Thank you for the five best, hardest, and most-testing years of my life UofL. I can honestly say they are five years I will never forget.

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