February 19, 2013

In The News: What you missed while you were in class

Meteor explodes over Russia 

The Russia meteor is the largest reported since 1908, when a meteor hit Siberia.

A meteorite originally about the size of a house exploded over Russia Friday morning, causing hundreds of people to be injured by the resulting broken glass. Over western Siberia a 10-ton meteor known as a bolide streaked across the sky before exploding and raining fragments down over the Russian district of Chelyabinsk. No deaths have been reported related to the explosion, but officials say more than 750 residents have needed medical care, and 31 have been hospitalized. A crater from the meteorite was found 50 miles from the city.


Coal-funded scholarships created

Kentucky’s House Education Committee unanimously passed a bill that would use money from coal-severance tax dollars to provide college scholarships for students in 34 coal-producing counties. The bill was passed Thursday and would work to help juniors and seniors in college finish their four-year degrees.

North Korea continues work on potentially nuclear rocket launch site

A nuclear test launch from North Korea last Tuesday resulted in condemnation from the U.N. Security Council and a warning from the U.S., but sources from inside the country as well as satellite imagery say that the country is continuing work on its Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground.  While North Korea said the test this week was a reaction to “U.S. hostility” following its December rocket launch, the fear from various nations is that North Korea is working on a nuclear device that would fit on a long-range missile.


Christopher Dorner manhunt ended

After an hours-long standoff in a cabin near Big Bear, California, Christopher Dorner, accused of killing four people, was killed by LAPD. On Tuesday, officers eventually made the decision to use canisters in the fire fight against Dorner, which caused the cabin he was hiding in to catch fire. Officers chased him into the cabin and first attempted to use tear gas but after Dorner didn’t come out CS gas canisters were used. The remains found in the mountain cabin where identified using dental records as Christopher Dorner’s.

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Photo courtesy of photos.cyboream.org

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