November 1, 2011

REACH’s Fall Festival gets students renergized

By Josephine Lee–

The REACH Fall Festival took place on Oct. 27 in Strickler Lobby and featured information about REACH resources as well as free snacks and drinks, and a door and pumpkin-decorating contest.
REACH has evolved into a complex program that many students take advantage of. Since its institution in 2000, the program has provided numerous resources for students to assist, enhance and improve their academic performance.

Supplemental Instruction, Learning Assistance, the Math Resource Center, Computer Resource Center and the mentorship program were designed to support the university’s retention of students and to assist in the transition from high school to college.

Freshman biology major Autumn Traynham, said, “I take advantage of REACH resources because as a first year student completely out on their own, I realize that things can get overwhelming and you can’t do everything on your own. REACH helps me to remember to step back and know that there’s always someone, somewhere I can go to for help, with virtually anything I have questions about.”

Over 8,000 students take advantage of the whole realm of REACH resources and some of those students transition into new roles in the REACH program. An integral part of the REACH program is their ambassador program.

“I chose to be a REACH Ambassador because I remembered the difficulties of my own transition to college, and I wanted to help incoming freshmen go through the same process,” says Junior Anna Invergo, chemistry major.

REACH Ambassadors consist of second-year students who address social, academic and leadership opportunities to their mentees. Students are heavily recruited for the peer-mentoring program during summer orientations and are able to learn more information about campus events through bi-weekly email correspondence and office hours.

The Fall Festival allowed students to interact with their ambassadors as well as stock up on snacks to help them reenergize them for their studies. REACH puts on six programs throughout the year, including a fall welcome back, a fall festival, a winter finals blitz, a spring welcome back, a valentines welcome back and another finals blitz for the spring. These REACH events also featured team-building events for student workers.

“We just like to make sure the students are aware of the REACH programs and all the services that we can offer for them and help them with any issues or give them an extra edge in class,” said Annie Fitzpatrick, administrative associate for REACH.

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Photo: Eric Voet/The Louisville Cardinal

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