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Off-campus convenience store employee shot, killed

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By Olivia Krauth & Kyeland Jackson–

A suspect is in custody after a Stop-N-Go employee was fatally shot early Thursday.

Louisville Metro Police said the suspect entered the convenience store asking for help and soon began arguing with the clerk. A scuffle ensued before the suspect brandished a gun and fatally shot the store clerk. The clerk was pronounced dead at 2 a.m. The suspect fired at another civilian inside of the store before walking outside. That suspect then asked for help from a nearby home, which he also shot at. Neither the other civilian nor the residents of the home were injured.

A car chase ensued, shutting down Interstate 65 for an hour and ending with the arrest of a person of interest. LMPD spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said he cannot release much information about the suspect in custody at this time.

The Stop-N-Go store is on Warnock Street, across the street from The Clubhouse and a few blocks from campus. The Clubhouse residents reacted to the incident that was, in one case, too close for comfort.

Jackie Radin heard the incident from her room as the clerk was killed.

“I was going to bed and I remember hearing three gunshots,” Radin said. “I didn’t know if it was real. Then I heard a man yelling for three minutes.”

Some residents knew the clerks or shopped at the store frequently.

“I’m actually pretty cool with everybody that works there,” said Quashawn Malton, a graduate student. “I was crazy to hear.  I haven’t seen anything shady happening here so it was really surprising.”

The shooting happened blocks from campus, however a Rave alert was not sent to students and faculty. Rachel Bunger, another resident of The Clubhouse, heard through word of mouth.

“I heard about when mom emailed me and our family. I was shocked there was no kind of alert from campus or The Clubhouse itself, ” Bunger said.  “It was disconcerting. I pulled the covers further over me and went back to sleep.”

U of L spokesperson John Drees said no alert was sent due to the speedy conclusion of the incident. “Police identified and isolated the suspect so quickly – within a few minutes of the incident – that there was no imminent threat to our students,” Drees said in an email about the alert.

When asked if campus security would be increased, University of Louisville Police spokesperson Aaron Graham said security around campus is not expected to change. It is considered an isolated incident, and so patrols and security will continue as usual, Graham said.

Residents agreed the incident was isolated, but that security should increase nonetheless.

Bunger listed multiple problems in security on the property, which she believes could lead to future problems. Malton believes the security should be increased as well, citing the importance for students.

“For students to feel safe, I think they’ll increase security,” Malton said. “Safety of the students is the most important thing here.”

LMPD and The Clubhouse Apartments were unavailable to comment on the incident at the time.

LMPD asks for those with information to call (502)574-5673.

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  1. Why were students not sent a rave alert about this incident? Especially with a Student apartment complex directly across the street.

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