U of L may gain greater voice in Frankfort as state senator joins key committees

By on January 15, 2013

State senator denise Haerper-Angel, D-Louisville, discusses legislation on the Kentucky Senate floor with senator Robin Webb, D-Grayson, on Jan. 9.

By Rae Hodge–

The state senator representing U of L’s district now sits on two powerful committees which vote on matters of education and state funding. Senator Denise Harper-Angel, D-Louisville, represents Kentucky’s 35th district, and has been appointed to the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee and the Senate Education Committee.

In a mundane sense, this could mean that the legislative interests of the 35th district could have a greater voice in the Kentucky state senate. The University of Louisville is a part of this district. Harper-Angel is urging her constituency to remain in close contact with her offices as she moves into these influential positions.

“Their input will be important as I make decisions that influence new laws,” Harper-Angel said.

Most notable is her appointment to the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee. The committee is considered by many to be the most powerful, owing to the fact that any legislation which requires state funding must receive approval from this committee before being enacted.

Committee membership is weighted eight Republicans to four Democrats. It is chaired by Sen. Bob Leeper, I-Paducah, who is known to caucus with Republicans, and is vice-chaired by Sen. David Givens, R-Greenburg. Among Democrats, Harper-Angel sits on the committee with Sen. Gerald Neal, D-Louisville, who represents Kentucky’s 33rd district.

Six members of the Senate Appropriations and Revenue Committee have also been appointed to the Senate Education Committee, Harper-Angel and Neal among them. The Senate Education Committee is composed of seven Republicans and four Democrats, and votes on issues regarding: secondary education, the State Department of Education, state support of education, school property and buildings and state universities and colleges.

In an interview with The Louisville Cardinal on Sunday, Student Government Association President Justin Brandt said of Harper-Angel’s appointment, “I think it’s always good to have people advocating for Louisville.”

“I think that’s great for the city, and hopefully for the university as well.” Brandt added.

Meet your senator: Denise Harper-Angel’s Bio:

• She is a graduate of U of L and of Southern High School.

• She is Catholic.

• Before being elected to the Kentucky state Senate, she was the Jefferson County property valuation administrator from 1990 until 2004.

• She is a member of several local networking groups, such as the River City Business & Professional Women, the Metropolitan Louisville Women’s Political Caucus, the Louisville Forum, the National Council of Jewish Women and the Women’s Network.

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Photo: Rae Hodge/The Louisville Cardinal

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