Kosair Charities donates 1 million to U of L

By on September 25, 2012

By Noor Yussuf–

The University of Louisville received a $1 million donation from Kosair Charities aimed to support eight health-related programs that will benefit children.

The university health science department will benefit from the donation.

“Eight programs at UofL that help meet the health care needs of children will receive funding through this grant. This funding is vital to the continuation of the program,” said Gary Mans, communications director for the university health department.

Among the programs that the donation will support are the Kosair Charities Fellowship in Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Kosair Charities Pediatric Clinical Research Unit, Kosair Charities Birth Defects Research Fellowship in the School of Dentistry, Pediatric Surgery Research Fellowship in the Department of Surgery, Division of Child Neurology, Department of OB-GYN and Women’s Health, Maternal-Fetal Medicine team, the U of L Autism Center and the Department of Pediatric Forensics Medicine, which treats and evaluates victims of child abuse and neglect.

Leanne Mangold, a senior nursing major, is confident that the money will be helpful to the community and U of L: “I think the money will be very beneficial. I noticed most of the money is going to the department of pediatric’s forensics medicine team. Unfortunately, Kentucky has a huge problem with child abuse. Kentucky is always towards the top of the list for states with the most reported child abuse cases.”

Kosair Charities and U of L have a very strong relationship and this donation proves that “this gift continues the long-standing partnership between U of L and Kosair Charities. Over the years, Kosair Charities has provided nearly $30 million in philanthropic support the University of Louisville as we work to provide the best, most advanced health care to our most precious gift – our children,” said Mans.

“We are tremendously thankful to Kosair Charities for their support of U of L and their commitment to helping the children of Kentucky and beyond,” said Mans.

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