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By on September 21, 2004

 Washroom of the weekBy Dylan Lightfoot

Vital Statistics
Location: Humanities Building, Southeast Stairwell, Third Floor
Type: “Onesy” (Single Room)
Sex: Men’s
Reviewed By: Dan Nelson

Pros: The fixtures are relatively clean. The washroom’s “onesy” style provides optimum privacy, and its discrete location promises both limited traffic (no lines) and a certain cozy, hideaway charm. Air-freshening spray is provided near the sink to remove any unseemly odors from previous occupants.

Cons: The cracked floor is grimy and is in need of upkeep. The space is dimly lit and is rather drab and unadorned. The toothpaste found on the sink suggests that the washroom may have a more permanent occupant.

Interesting Graffiti: None.

Bottom Line: While there is no reason to go out of your way for this washroom, it is a “must-use” for Humanities-building dwellers who need their privacy.

Rating: Three flushes out of five.

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