Fraternity rush attracts more than 200 pledges

By on September 14, 2004

 Fraternity rush attracts more than 200 pledgesBy Chris Brown

    The region of campus between Third andFourth Streets was alive again with the Grecian spirit last week asmore than 200 men became new pledges of U of L’s fraternitiesduring the annual rush.
    The week’s events all started onSunday evening with the traditional Rho Alpha night. Each of theUniversity’s fraternity chapters prepared and presented aten-minute overview of their fraternity. New members had theopportunity to figure out just what each chapter was all about.
    “You learn a lot,” said rusheeJason Wicker, who pledged for Pi Kappa Alpha, or “Pike”for short.
    After hearing each fraternity’spresentation, rushees also had the opportunity to ask questions inorder to find a chapter that matched their personalities, idealsand goals as new Greek men.
    “Rho Alpha … gives you an ideaof what to ask,” Wicker said.
    As the week went on, each fraternity hadits own events to lure prospective members.
    “Each chapter did their ownthing,” said Interfraternity Council President Lee Schmidt.”Some had blow-ups [like] jousting and sumo-wrestling, and[others] had luaus or cookouts each night.”
    When Thursday rolled around, excitement ranhigh. It was bid day: the day that, for many, makes the whole rushprocess worthwhile. The fraternity members select the men to whomthey want to extend membership invitations, and in turn those bidsare signed and new members are welcomed. Both Greek Life AdvisorJoni Burke and Schmidt said that the week was successful in termsof new-member recruitment, however, Schmidt conceded that thisyear’s rush saw a “lower turnout” compared topast rush weeks.
    But in spite of a lower turnout, noenthusiasm was spared in greeting new members. Some of fraternitieshad cheers to celebrate each new member who joins. Lambda Chi Alpharushees, for example, were treated to a stampede of toga-clad mencharging from the chapter’s house, shouting and cheering foreach man who signed a bid.
    But after new members signed bids, it wastime for the Greek men to get down to business. Prep Night partieswere in the works, of course. These culminating events to analready fun-filled rush week gave new men a chance to meet theirolder frat brothers and get acquainted with the various chaptersand houses.
    “It was great because I met a bunchof people,” said Wicker.
    Like their sorority counterparts who rushedbefore classes began, the Greek men plan to have an event-filledyear. Fund-raising events, service opportunities and intramuralgames are already in the works, and a date auction during the PiBeta Phi sorority’s philanthropy week promise good times tocome.
    “I’m going to do what I can toget involved,” said Wicker.

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