Sat. Jul 20th, 2019

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Slavery by Another Name

In 21st century America, the promises of freedom and liberty are guaranteed to every citizen. Slavery is recognized as a dark chapter in the nation’s history, but is no longer considered an issue challenging the world today. Unfortunately, slavery is not dead. Not in the United States, and not in Kentucky.

Peculiar Places

This Spring Break, and the rest of the spring season,
has the possibility to become one continuous adventure of the Bluegrass state.
This is a guide to the odd and unknown facts, places and people of our old Kentucky home.

Distorted Reflections

Long hair, big breasts, a tan complexion and a tiny waistline is the image that is painted for women every morning when they roll out of bed and turn on the television. It is desirable for many and it is a mold that they are told to fit in. It becomes a dream for…