By Derek DeBurger

No. 22 Louisville will play yet another bye game against the North Carolina A&T Aggies.

A&T might be the best team in any of the bye-games the Cards will play this year, but if they come out with purpose and energy the Cards should have no problem dispatching this team.

Against Ole Miss, the Cards took the first major steps in solidifying the rotation, only giving nine players minutes and moving Nina Rickards to the starting lineup. I could see head coach Jeff Walz working some things out with the same nine, or giving more players real game minutes to keep them ready if need be. You’ll most likely see a combination of the two, with more players getting in as the lead becomes insurmountable.

The Aggies are a team that doesn’t sub their starters out very much. If Louisville can use their size and athleticism to impose their will, they could get these starters in foul trouble and put A&T off rhythm.

One thing that can put the Cards off rhythm, and has all year to this point, is turning the ball over en masse. Team turnover is something that Louisville just has not been able to keep under control. The best game turnover-wise has been Louisville’s 17 turnovers in their loss to Alabama, and that’s because Alabama has been a turnover machine for opposing teams. If the Cards can’t keep tight handles on Sunday it probably won’t kill their chances to win, but it’ll be a very disappointing sign for the rest of the season.

The Cards will almost assuredly win this game — let just hope it’s a blowout from the beginning.