By Tate Luckey —

The “SuperChefs” logo

Local Louisville icon Darnell Ferguson, aka SuperChef, has opened “SuperChef’s Express” as a cornerstone of the SAC Marketplace.

Featuring a fun, diverse menu including vegan options, smoked salmon tacos, and all-day brunch, SuperChefs Express combines local flair with fulfilling meal options. “I hope to show the students fun and creative food cooked to order. The Banana Pudding Granola-Encrusted French Toast is my favorite dish there,” Ferguson said.  

Ferguson attended culinary school in Louisville.  He traveled to Beijing as one of only 22 young chefs to cook in the 2008 Olympics.

The SuperChefs Express Menu

 He has also opened nearly a dozen restaurants. Two are right here in Louisville, SuperChefs and his newest Tha Drippin’ Crab in the West End. 

The Philly Steak egg rolls are an interesting twist on the classic sandwich, housing the steak/onion/pepper pairing in a deliciously crispy egg roll filled with a gooey cheese sauce. Be warned, it’s messy but in a good way! 

Aafreen Shaikk, a sophomore industrial engineering major, tried the wings and waffles dish, saying “I think the wings and waffles were a good balance. [SuperChefs Express] is a lot nicer than some of the other restaurants here on campus. It actually feels like restaurant food rather than the ungodly amount of fast-food here on campus.”

SuperChef’s Express is located in the SAC Marketplace at the Louisville Traveler station.

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