By Hannah Walker–

With the Louisville football stadium back at full capacity, it is time for the Cards to start a new season of college football. On Sept. 6 at 8:00 p.m, the Cardinals will face Ole Miss at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta, GA.

Although most sports broadcasters predict that Ole Miss will win the game, there are many reasons to believe that Louisville has a chance at beating the Rebels:

–Improved defense: redshirt senior Tabarius Peterson will be the veteran to lead the defensive lineup this season. However, many sports broadcasters are saying that junior defensive lineman Yaya Diaby will be the player to watch for. Yaya Diaby struggled last season, but seems to have improved tremendously. Some even say that he is quick enough to go against many of the linemen you see in the ACC.

–Returning offense: with eight starters expected to return for offense, Louisville is looking to have the upper hand this season. Star player Malik Cunningham will be returning as the quarterback, and senior Cole Bentley will be returning as center for his fifth year with the Cardinals. Their goal? To improve the teams’ run blocking after last year’s season of mishaps.

–Special Teams: last season, Blanton Creque and Mason King were both great punters and kickers. Nonetheless, freshman Brock Travelstead will be replacing them during this season. The team has hopes for this freshman to do great things during his first year at U of L.

Overall, there are many exciting players to keep an eye on this season. With a stadium filled with fans again, the Cardinals are looking to have a great season already.

Photo Courtesy of Adam Creech//U of L athletics