By John McCarthy–

The University of Louisville released a statement in response to the NCAA notice of allegations Sept. 21. U of L is facing serious NCAA violations, especially since the Cardinals are repeat offenders.

U of L’s response on Sept. 21 argues that the NCAA’s allegations against the university “arise out of a criminal conspiracy to defraud the University of Louisville,” said the statement.

The FBI found, during an investigation of U of L, that representatives of Adidas had conspired to pay Brian Bowen, a highly touted recruit. Adidas agreed to pay Bowen $100,000 to play for the Cardinals and sign with the shoe company upon going to the NBA. These allegations resulted in the firing of men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich back in 2017.

The essence of the Cardinals’ statement explains that Adidas attempted to defraud U of L with the deal offered to Brian Bowen and his family. Louisville’s response states that Adidas cannot both be acting in U of L’s best interest while plotting to offer a recruit compensation, resulting in the degradation of the university.

The 75-page response comes after U of L requested a 45-day extension to thoroughly finish their response. Louisville currently awaits a response from the NCAA.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal