August 27, 2019

Who’s ready for some football and pumpkin spice lattes

By Maggie Vancampen — 

Bump and run to the nearest television with your pumpkin spice lattes and football shaped cookies.

The Cardinals are facing the Fighting Irish on Sept. 2. The Cards have only faced the Irish once before back in 2014. Even though the Irish players are formidable, the Cards are still going to put up a fight. With a new coach and coaching staff, the players are energized and ready to run.

Tackle your friends and family because this is going to be one game you don’t want to miss.

By the way, Sept. 2 is Labor Day and a day off from school. Luckily the university has made it more accessible for students to get their fill of all things sports with the new Flight 23 plan. As long as students pay their monthly subscription of 10 dollars, students can get into all home games and matches free.

And if you’re going to the football games, stopping by a tailgate is a must.

The last time anyone could tailgate at Cardinal Stadium was Nov. 24, 2018 when the Cards lost to the University of Kentucky 56-10. This rite of passage is a must for all University of Louisville students to do at least once. From grilling to screaming it is an experience to say the least.

With six home games on the roster the Cards are wanting to turn the season into their comeback year starting with the Irish. With head coach Scott Satterfield’s positive experiences at Appalachian State and the Cards’ willingness to put in the work, hopefully the season is a positive one. Just like when basketball coach Chris Mack was hired, I think the football team will make a strong comeback and be better than before when former head coach Bobby Petrino was in charge.

“We want to be a multiple offense. We want to get in a lot of different formations and have a lot of different personnel groupings,” said head coach Scott Satterfield.

Grab your foam fingers and wave them in the air like you just don’t care. And yes, all punts are highly intended.

Graphic by Alexis Simon // The Louisville Cardinal

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