June 15, 2019

Louisville basketball holds breath amidst possible allegations

By Gabriel Wiest–

According to NCAA official Stan Wilcox, Level I violations will be placed on six men’s basketball programs by the end of summer. Louisville could be clipped by the violations as the program was involved in the 2017 pay-to-play scandal investigated by the FBI.

Wilcox said the notice of allegations will be sent to the programs in the coming weeks. Notice of allegations are sent after the NCAA has finish their investigation.

Under NCAA bylaw 10.1 misconduct is defined by, “receipt of benefits by an institutional staff member for facilitating or arranging a meeting between a student athlete and an agent, financial advisor or representative of an agent or advisor.”

Level I violations are the most serious in the NCAA and the sanctions can include scholarship loss, returning earned money from the time period of the violations, probation and more. Louisville is all too familiar with Level I sanctions after their scandal with self-proclaimed escort Katina Powell which led to the removal of the 2013 national title.

The FBI led to the major turnover in the athletic department in which Louisville parted ways with long-time head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

5 thoughts on “Louisville basketball holds breath amidst possible allegations

  1. Leave the Louisville Basketball program alone we have tried to straighten out the problems we’ve had the 2013 banner will always be ours know matter what we won it on the floor not by someone opinion Go Cards L1C4

  2. Fired the Coach and the AD, what more could the University do? If the allegations are from that era then no further sanctions ought to be handed down. If they have occurred since, then that’s another story.

  3. When will it end! Just start giving players some sort of compensation and the NCAA would still come up other violation s

  4. I remember a time when UL was a second tier team that everyone kicked around. Tom and Rick put a stop to that but now we have an AD that has no experience and a President that wants to blame the previous administration to gain statue. I will not forgive not fighting for Tom and the 2013 banner.

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