By Jocelyn Kronoveter —

This week the Louisville Cardinal hit up Cardinal Boulevard to explore the different food options available for students outside of the Ville Grill and the Student Activities Center.

After evaluation, we were able to rank our top five picks in order from our least favorite place to our best:

  1. Comfy Cow

It wasn’t hard to choose from this menu. Any way you make it, ice cream is delicious.

We tried chocolate, vanilla, cookies & cream, cookie dough and black raspberry chip.

Of course, starting off with the basic flavors allowed us to judge in the most neutral way possible while eventually working our way up to try other fan favorites.

Chocolate and vanilla are always good. Cookies & cream offered a nice Oreo crunch and the black raspberry chip flavor offered a unique flavor you can’t beat.

Although ice cream can be anyone’s favorite treat, especially before finals, we put it at the bottom because it didn’t bring much in regards to nutritional value.

  1. Mt. Fuji

If you enjoy sushi this is a no brainer. We decided to try the miso soup, teriyaki chicken, and vegetable rolls to start. For sushi, we tried the tuna roll, california roll, and both avocado and cucumber roll.

The miso soup is always good for both a meal and appetizer, along with the teriyaki chicken bringing a sweet taste for flavor, and the vegetable roll to finish.

The tuna and california rolls were both fresh and nicely presented. While the tuna roll was available both normal and spicy, the california roll offered a sweet taste along with a fresh crunch.

We kept in mind that with vegetarian/vegan options becoming more popular, so we tried sushi rolls with avocado and cucumber in them only. The cucumber had a nice crunch to it while the avocado was smooth, had flavor and was easy to chew.

We found other options as well such the hibachi dinner made with vegetables which we are sure will satisfy the taste buds along with nutritional value as well.

  1. Jimmy Johns

You can’t go wrong with a sandwich. At our visit to Jimmy Johns, we tried the bacon lettuce tomato (BLT), the big italian and the tuna salad.

Most items fit within a 2000 calorie diet, along with offering a variety of options to put on your sandwich.

The BLT had a nice crunch to it because of the bacon and we found the lettuce and tomato to be very fresh.

Once again all ingredients tasted fresh. The tuna salad sandwich came with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

We found every sandwich to satisfy our taste buds. If you’re on the go Jimmy Johns can give you a wrapped up sandwich ready and fresh.

  1. Noodles & Company

This menu offered a variety of options and if you’re feeling healthy, they’ve got something for you too. From veggie noodles to alfredo, it was hard to choose what we wanted to eat first.

We started off with the penne rosa. It has spicy tomato cream sauce and is topped with feta cheese. It also has mushrooms, tomatoes and spinach. The sauce has the right amount of spice, blending in well with the mushroom and spinach. The feta cheese gave it a nice creamy texture to pair with everything else.

The noodles were cooked great, and overall we found it to be a good meal. Next we tried the zucchini truffle mac which contained black truffle, roasted mushrooms, shredded parmesan, toasted bread crumbs and their famous cheese sauce.

If you’re looking for healthy options Noodles & Company can help.

This meal was only 540 calories. The zucchini tasted fresh and went surprisingly well with the cheese sauce with every ingredient blending together. We recommend this place to anyone looking for a change in what they eat or simply want a good, fulfilling meal.

  1. Qdoba

Who doesn’t love Qdoba’s food? There’s a reason we put them at the top.

This time, it was hard to decide what we wanted to try. We ended up going with a taco salad, burrito bowl and three cheese nachos.

The queso paired well with everything we tried, and all the ingredients tasted better than you would expect. The best part is they offer plenty of vegetarian options.

From burritos to quesadillas this is a go-to place for anyone on the vegetarian diet.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr / The Louisville Cardinal