By Kat Crain —

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to express our love to friends, family, significant others, and most importantly, yourself.

When making your mark on Valentine’s Day, you will never be out-of-touch with rich, warm reds and pinks, as well as soft laces and cream tones.

Think about other color options beyond the traditional colors as well to standout. Try adding purple and pastels to your color wheel for your special night.

Purple is a wonderful color to incorporate with traditional Valentine’s Day hues, and adding a touch of pastel to your palette is a great way to break up the intensity of dark red. A hot trend this season seems to be layering and color blocking of all pastel hues for a full, dream-like look. Color blocking in fashion means to have different pieces that are all solid colors.

If you are planning on finding the perfect date-night dress or jumpsuit, local boutiques have you covered.

Boutiques like Dot Fox Clothing Culture on Bardstown Road have everything from quirky overalls for a first date, gorgeous dresses for a memorable night with your significant other, to delicate wraps you can curl up with after a bubble-bath.

If you are planning on wearing a suit, or a snazzy button-down and slacks, Urban Outfitters has a great Valentine’s day color display. Here you can find red and pink silk button downs and flattering chinos that will look as warm as the love you have for your date.

Of course, whether you are wearing a dress or suit, Valentine’s Day is all about color and texture.

If you focus on warm hues and delicate textures like lace, satin and velvet, you will be sure to feel great and look festive.

Even if you are not planning on spending any money for a new outfit, the perfect outfit is already in your closet. As long as you feel great, your Valentine’s Day look will be a hit.

Graphic by Shayla Kerr / The Louisville Cardinal