May 26, 2018

Brief: Walz issued postseason suspension for misconduct during 2018 Final Four

By Matt Bradshaw —

The NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Committee has issued penalties to head coach Jeff Walz for misconduct.

During Louisville’s semifinal loss to Mississippi State on March 30, Walz directed inappropriate comments¬†toward NCAA staff seated at the scorer’s table. The comments included “profane language.”

Along with a public reprimand, the Committee issued Walz a one-game NCAA postseason championship suspension, which will be served at the next postseason opportunity.

“In the national semifinal game, I used some inappropriate language as I expressed my frustration toward the scorer’s table about the officiating,” Walz said. “I realize that these comments are not acceptable, did not represent the University of Louisville in the best light, and I apologize for my actions. I will be more mindful in expressing my emotions going forward. My staff and I are looking forward to another successful run next season.”

Director of Athletics Vince Tyra released the following statement in response to the NCAA’s release.

“Coach Walz’s intensity on the sideline is one of his most endearing qualities, but following our discussion, we both acknowledged that his behavior during the national semifinal game was not acceptable and is not how we want to represent the University of Louisville,” Tyra said. “I appreciate Coach’s cooperation resolving this matter and fully anticipate that he will adhere to championship policies, sportsmanship and conduct expectations in the future.”

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File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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