By Kyeland Jackson —

After announcing the careers of  three major figures in Louisville sports are in limbo, Interim President Greg Postel’s security was expanded.

The Courier-Journal first reported the story. University spokesperson John Drees said he didn’t know of any specific threats, but confirmed Postel agreed to extra security after campus police recommended it. Drees said the extra security ended after around a week. Though police had suggested Postel secure his office and home, Drees said Postel does not have personal security guard.

“The University of Louisville Police Department did, as a precautionary measure and in response to possible hostile reactions to recent news events, recommend and provide security for Dr. Postel at his office and at his home,” Drees said in a statement. “University police have, from time to time, assisted with extra security for other university employees and departments when deemed appropriate.”

Drees said the extra security costs nothing during the day, but said he’s unsure what the cost for evening security is.

Fallout from the FBI’s allegations rattled the university, which suspended basketball player Brian Bowen, placed athletic director Tom Jurich on paid leave and started to formally fire head coach Rick Pitino. Assistant basketball coaches Kenny Johnson and Jordan Fair were also placed on leave as the FBI investigation continues.

An officer was stationed outside Postel's Oct. 2 meeting

An officer was stationed outside Postel’s Oct. 2 meeting

Social media exploded with the allegations, with some requesting Postel keep Jurich and others demanding Pitino and Jurich be fired. Some students and citizens commended the university’s response, saying the move is needed for the university to start over.

A TLC Poll said 42 percent of respondents want Jurich or Pitino fired. Thirty-four percent said only Pitino should be fired.

TLC Pitino,Jurich Poll

TLC’s poll gathered 238 respondents’ answers

Photo by Kelly Ngyuen / The Louisville Cardinal