By Dalton Ray–

Nine days after U of L placed men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich on administrative leave, the university has placed assistant coaches Kenny Johnson and Jordan Fair on paid administration leave.

All four are on leave due to the FBI’s investigation of the university allegedly partnering with adidas to bribe players to come to U of L.

Acting athletic director Vince Tyra said the university will fully cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

“We are in the process of executing our due diligence as it relates to an ongoing investigation and feel that this an appropriate step at this time,” Tyra said.

Johnson, Louisville’s lead recruiter, joined the program in 2014.

Fair is a new addition to the staff, named as a program assistant in 2016 and promoted to a assistant coach in March 2017.

In the FBI’s indictment, two U of L assistant coaches, listed as Coach 1 and 2, conspired to pay two players. The two players are listed as Player 10 and 12.

Player 10, allegedly paid $100,000 to come to U of L, is confirmed as current freshman Brian Bowen. He is suspended indefinitely from all basketball activity. According to the complaint by the FBI, Coach 2 made a call to adidas rep Jim Gatto to get more money to lure Bowen.

Player 11 hasn’t been identified publicly, but is reportedly a 2019 recruit. Coach 1, suspected to be Fair, is on video tape in a Las Vegas hotel discussing paying for Player 11.

Christian Dawkins, a business manager, is one four defendants in the case. While talking with Coach 1 about the deal for Player 11, Dawkins acknowledged the school currently being a probation. Coach 1 agreed, saying they needed to be “low key” about how they get the money to the player’s family.

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Photo by Laurel Slaughter / The Louisville Cardinal