For The Love Of The Game


By Megan Brewer–

In the light of recent events, the U of L community forgot the purpose of our athletics is not just being a business transaction for the university, but for everyone’s enjoyment. The student-athletes play and the fans watch because we all have a love for a sport.

U of L athletics are slandered for the men’s basketball scandal which involved prostitutes having sex with recruits. This stain brings criticism to the athletic department and university. After what’s happened within athletics, why would anyone praise them, right?

Wrong. Our university has some of the best student-athletes in the country. We, like any other university, have students who came to U of L to play a sport. These students did not come for the fame or criticism, they came because of their love of the university and their sport.

To some, U of L’s athletics are not doing great. But to the student-athlete who gets to wake up and play the sport they love every day, U of L’s athletics are everything they could dream of.

U of L’s athletics are not just for the student-athletes, though. The students, staff and community surrounding the university spend plenty of time at sporting events. From attending baseball games on a sunny April day to tailgating at a football game in the freezing cold, the community loves Louisville’s sports as much as the athletes.

When I see the constant criticisms and negative comments on U of L’s sports, I wonder how a few mistakes could outrank the enjoyment everyone gets from sports. How could our community forget the bigger picture?

U of L’s sports are much more than a business. U of L’s athletics is a young college student living out her dream to play field hockey for four more years. U of L’s athletics is a father and son’s relaxing day out, watching soccer. They give students the opportunity to live the dream they had as a kid. They give the community something to enjoy. Most of all, U of L’s athletic events bring us together to do something we all love: Cheer on our Cards.

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