By Madison Thompson–

Spring style does not have to be limited to fashion and décor, it may also be celebrated in meals. Here is a list of snacks which will help you celebrate spring to the fullest.

Spring strawberry salad with chicken:

Two large boneless, chopped chicken breasts

Two tablespoons olive oil

One bunch fresh spinach

Two tablespoons of balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing

Four oz. crumbled feta cheese

One package of candied pecans

Sunday best fruit salad:

One oz. can pineapple chunks

Two apples, cored and peeled

One oz. can peach pie filling

Two bananas, peeled and diced

Three kiwis

One pint of strawberries

Raspberry orange smoothie:

One peeled banana

Two oz. raspberries

One cara cara orange

One tsp. acai berry

One cup water

Three tbs. cashews

One cup ice

Creamy ginger green smoothie:

Two handfuls organic spinach

Half an avocado

One banana

One cup filtered water

One tbs. tahini

Two pitted dates

One tbs. fresh ginger root

Juice of one lemon

Skinny pineapple smoothie:

One cup frozen pineapple

Half a banana

Half cup of crushed ice

Half cup vanilla yogurt or Greek vanilla yogurt

One and a half cup fat free milk or coconut milk