December 15, 2016

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be short-lived

By Evan Eley–

Each new year brings in another round of resolutions people create to try to better themselves. For most, these resolutions won’t last long. For others, it’s a start for a better way of living that may last a lifetime.

A lot of people want to lose weight or eat healthier, but come March, these resolutions have died.

“I don’t even bother with setting a resolution anymore because, frankly, they just don’t work,” student Joshua Eberg said. The business of Eberg’s life between school, work and a relationship means that while a goal for the year may last a few weeks, it will inevitably fall to the wayside.

Eberg is one of millions who’ve stopped the resolution process altogether. But it’s not impossible to keep a resolution.

One year, I made it my goal to exercise at the SRC daily and I kept my goal for the year. There were three things that I did to make sure my resolution actually happened.

First, I wrote my goal on sticky notes and placed them in areas that I would have to see several times a day. This would ensure that my goal was on my mind every day.

Second, I didn’t tell anyone. It meant more to me that people noticed I was making improvements in my life without having to publicly announce that I was making my resolution happen. Plus, sometimes it makes the resolution easier if not everyone knows what you’re doing. It’s a lot easier to lose weight or eat healthier without everyone watching you do it.

Finally, I fell in love with my goal. Finding love for what my goal was and completing it kept my resolution alive.

Other U of L students were also able to complete their resolutions.

“At the beginning of 2016, I really wanted to become more outgoing and be more extroverted and I did. I made tons of new friends at U of L and now I’m able to talk to anyone with confidence,” student Malcolm Campbell said.

Resolutions don’t have to be silly goals that you forget about by the time classes start. With a little bit of work and a lot of dedication, a simple resolution could change your life.

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