October 28, 2016

Have you stopped to think about life after graduation?

By Frances Figgs —

For some of us, graduation is approaching in December. I’m definitely excited, but am I ready for real life? I mean, life without residuals? Am I going back to college? Will I work in the field of my major? I ask myself these questions daily.

I have not made concrete decisions, but I have plans. I plan to study speech pathology next fall to receive my master’s degree. I am only going on hope and prayers that I get in, and that this is the right career for me.

I learned the route I want to go for my communication degree isn’t easy. I originally wanted to be a public relations major, a PR specialist requires a year or two of experience. Most jobs require experience. Fresh out of college, I haven’t had the opportunity to get said experience.

My current job is offering me a management position which makes decent money – but I want to make more than decent. I didn’t pay nearly $40,000 for tuition to only receive a job that I didn’t have to attend college for in the first place. I want six figures, or at least really close to that.

This brings me to the conclusion that college is really a scam for the most part. We have to pay awful amounts of money just to make it in life, which is crazy. Our system of education beyond high school is definitely backwards, and shouldn’t be expensive as it is, not to mention teachers should also get paid more. But I digress.

To all college students, here’s some advice: school life instead of letting life school you. You will find your place and career in life. Don’t force yourself in a career, use the resources around you, follow your dreams and network.

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