October 11, 2016

Brandon Radcliff making huge strides

Radcliff follows his block for the second quarter rush.

By Taylor Webster–

While Brandon Radcliff had an average season last year, he has exceeded all expectations this year and stepped up big-time. He has helped drive the Cards to a 4-1 start. Beating previously second-ranked Florida State 63-20 then falling short to No. 3 Clemson in Death Valley, Louisville football is bringing their best every game.

Radcliff is eighth in the nation for yards per rush attempt with 8.41 on 496 yards. That last year Radcliff finished with 634 rushing yards, so to have nearly 500 yards in five games shows the difference between his final two campaigns.

CardNation can tell there is something different about this year’s team, and Brandon confirmed it.

“I feel our team compared to last years team is very different. We have a lot of veterans and guys that have taken charge and are true leaders,” Radcliff said. “The offense is doing great this year, ranking high in every aspect on the field. We feel like every position on the field is getting production and of course we have an outstanding quarterback.”

Radcliff has been a huge part of the offense so far this year. The 5-foot-9, 215 lbs. running back uses his build to drive through holes for yards and to block for his quarterback.

Brandon admitted that, “the weakest part of my game last year was my pass protection. I worked on my blocks this offseason and I feel like I worked hard and I am doing great this year on it.”

His stats and the way has been playing this year speak for the all the work he did in the off-season.

Radcliff talks a lot about the veterans on the team being true leaders, and how the leadership is leading the team to winning games. Voted a captain by his teammates, Radcliff says the title pushes him.

“Being captain makes me work harder in every practice and every game. They made me captain so I could get the hype and get them ready,” Radcliff said.

Radcliff has given his all to Louisville football and is hoping to give his all in the NFL.

“When I get my chance and when it’s all said and done all I can say is I worked and did all I can do to be the best me, and putting everything else in God’s hands,” Radcliff said. “I do this to take care of my family so we can all live a better life.”

The NFL Draft isn’t Radcliff’s main focus right now, though. Finishing the season on a strong note and a shot at a conference championship is atop of Radcliff’s priorities.

Photo by Laurel Slaughter / The Louisville Cardinal

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