Andy Beshear filing suit against Bevin

The Louisville Cardinal News

By Kyeland Jackson —

Attorney General Andy Beshear will file suit against Governor Matt Bevin to block the governor’s executive order that threw U of L leadership and its board of trustees into turmoil.

Beshear announced the suit during a live press conference in Frankfort, saying he will request a temporary restraining order against Bevin. Beshear emphasized his suit against Bevin is “not about drama.”

“It’s not Beshear versus Bevin. It’s not about any trustee and it’s not about any president of any university,” Beshear said. “This is solely about the law and my duty to enforce that law. That’s my job…that’s my responsibility…and I’m going to do it.”

Beshear said that the decisions facing U of L are too important to be made by a three-person interim board and that Bevin’s decision would effectively put him at the head of U of L and the Kentucky Retirement System board. He also said Bevin’s actions illegally reshaped the board, putting U of L’s accreditation in danger.

Beshear said board members are welcome to join the suit.

Governor Bevin’s executive order Friday has rocked the university, leaving the leadership of U of L in question. The board of trustees was dissolved entirely while the retirement of U of L President James Ramsey was also announced.

While some assumed Ramsey’s leadership would continue, he removed all doubt yesterday announcing he has no desire to continue his presidency beyond the next academic year. Faculty and staff members are attempting to stop Bevin’s actions, asking the dissolved board of trustees to seek an injunction against him.

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