Ramsey officially stepping down as president

James Ramsey

By Kyeland Jackson —

It’s official: President James Ramsey will not serve as U of L’s president any longer than the end of the next academic year.

Blasting a statement to the university, Ramsey said he is not interested in serving as president even when a new board of trustees is appointed. While he had earlier offered his resignation to Governor Matt Bevin’s newly appointed board, Ramsey’s tenure was still in question as the offer could be declined.

“While I am happy to assist the new board in any way possible with the transition, I have no desire, and do not intend, to be President of the University of Louisville beyond the next academic year,” the statement said.

Ramsey has been under fire for a series of scandals and accusations of financial mismanagement during his term. Reactions to the president’s offered resignation were overwhelmingly supportive of the decision.

“I commend Ramsey for the work that he has done here and thank him for his service,” senior Aaron DuVall said. “With that being said, U of L and many of its students and faculty are ready for a fresh start.”

Announcement of Ramsey’s offered resignation came during a press conference Friday, where Bevin announced the board of trustees would be dissolved and Ramsey would offer his resignation to the newly constituted board. Faculty and staff have challenged the legality of Bevin’s action, asking the dissolved board of trustees to file an injunction against the governor.

Jessica Ditto, Bevin’s spokesperson, said the governor is within legal standing because he dissolved the entire board as opposed to individual members. Attorney General Andy Beshear will host a news conference on the matter and Bevin’s legal standing tomorrow at 1pm.

This story will be updated. 

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