April 15, 2016

Living on campus: what you really need


By Briana Williams–

Incoming freshmen have a lot to be excited for, especially moving into a dorm. To prepare incoming residents, the university sends out a checklist of what will be needed for residence hall living, but students don’t always use these items.

With a limited space, bringing things you don’t need can be a huge waste of space. The university recommends bringing basic items such as pillows, linens, a laptop and mini fridge. All of these are definitely necessary, and should not be overlooked. But the list also recommends alarm clocks and irons. These items could be of some use, but space shouldn’t be sacrificed for rarely used items. Instead, here are some student and RA recommended items that you may not realize you need.

Toilet paper: It sounds crazy, but this is a basic necessity you don’t want to forget if you live in a dorm with suite style or private bathrooms.

“A lot of residents forget toilet paper,” said resident assistant Jackie Pi.

U of L students can pick up toilet paper at many convenience store locations within walking distance to campus, but save some time and remember it before you come.

Fans and blankets: Most residence halls have central heating and cooling throughout, so students can’t control their individual room temperature. Though heaters aren’t allowed, bringing plenty of blankets will help during the winter if it isn’t warm enough. And you’ll be glad you brought a fan when it starts to heat up outside but the AC hasn’t kicked on.

Surge protector and extension cord: Since most freshmen will share a room when living on campus, power outlets will also be shared. This can be especially troubling since there aren’t many outlets in the rooms.

“My roommate and I are always struggling over the outlets since there’s only four in the room,” said freshman Chris Wright.

Rug: While some residence halls have carpeted floors, others don’t have this amenity and the floors can get cold in the winter. Rugs will be a necessity, and a nice addition to any room.

Calendar: Everyone has calendars on their phones now, but keeping a monthly calendar on the wall will help give you clear idea of deadlines.

“I picked up a really cute calendar from Gray’s and it’s just better to have one of those because I can see it right above me and won’t miss any tests or anything,” freshman Jordan Grave said.

Broom: While sweeping is no one’s favorite chore, it should be done to keep the floors clean and roommate happy.

“Students come to me a lot asking for a broom,” resident assistant Alexis Faison said.

Having these items in the room can save a lot of hassle when the times comes and you need them. But if you happen to forget something, each of these and more can be found in convenience shops and on-campus bookstores.

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