March 5, 2016

No money? No problem at the U of L free store


By Rachel Sorgen–

It’s every college student’s dream: free things.

The majority of college students are on a tight budget, but they are still in need of necessities.

U of L’s Free Store gives away everyday items you may need for free. Located in the basement of Unitas Tower, the store is open Wednesday and Thursday from 12 – 2 p.m. The store was created to help students on a tight budget and to serve as a place to drop off unwanted items.

The store offers a variety of items including books, shoes, kitchenware and clothes. The selection is similar to that of Goodwill; you never know what you’ll find. Books seemed to be the most popular item, perfect for those who enjoy fiction. It is not well organized, so you may have to dig to find your pot of gold.

Although the store is only open two days a week for a total of four hours, most students have a break during its hours so time shouldn’t be the issue. So, what gives?

The location of the store is not ideal. On a campus of this size, it seems finding a convenient location should not be difficult. The store itself actually seems more like a big walk-in closet. Another inconvenience is that the store cannot be seen from sidewalks or upon entering Unitas. Customers must walk around to the side of the building and enter the windowless, concrete walled basement.

While the location is not the most inviting, the volunteers are. Not to mention, the free things provided are definitely worth a peek into the store. Also, if you are also looking to get rid of any gently used items, the store accepts donations.

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