February 28, 2016

Where to satisfy your sweet tooth on campus


By Briana Williams–

Everyone has been hit with a major craving for something sweet at some point. Sometimes, the craving is so persistent, succumbing to it is the only option. Off-campus restaurants like Comfy Cow and Insomnia Cookies can fulfill any need for sweets, but there are plenty of on-campus options on the meal plan.


Sure, their sandwiches and spuds are great, but the desserts are even better. There are cookies, cheesecake, rice bars and brownies. McAlister’s also has a variety of flavored teas that will put to rest to any sugar craving.

“Not a lot of people get them, but the cheesecake at McAlister’s is worth trying,” said freshman Megan Thrasher.


Most people don’t think Wendy’s would ease a sweet tooth, but the campus favorite does so for many students. The restaurant offers a refreshing strawberry sweet tea and lemonade, while also having chocolate and vanilla frosties. For those who like to eat in class, these are good options if you don’t want to be distracting.

“If I want ice cream on campus, I’ll go to Wendy’s. I really like the frosties,” said senior Halie Fairfax.

Ville Grill

Many freshmen find out the hard way that getting rid of swipes is no easy task. Why not go to the Ville Grill for an ice cream cone, frozen yogurt or cake? Take an upperclassman with you and those swipes, and your cravings, will be gone.

“Nine times out of ten, if I get one of my friends to swipe me in, I’m only going for the dessert bar,” said sophomore Brandon Peck.


Subway is only a good option if you’re on campus and really want cookies and don’t want to walk to Insomnia. They regularly have peanut butter, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies. “Their cookies give me life,”  said senior Brianna Mosby.

Simply To Go

Yes, Simply to Go can actually satisfy your desire for something sweet. There are pudding and Jell-O cups, cookies and a different types of muffins. If you’re in a hurry, or just want an excuse to see Davidson Lady, Simply To Go is a good choice.

“The chocolate muffin isn’t the healthiest, but it tastes really good,” said sophomore Tyler Keiter.

Cardinal Burger Company (CBC)

The dessert options at CBC are certainly lacking, but it does have a New York style cheesecake with whipped cream and raspberry, chocolate or caramel sauce options.

“I prefer McAlister’s cheesecake, so I don’t normally get the cheesecake from the CBC, but they stay open later so if I really want it, I’ll definitely go there,” said sophomore Jasmine Layne

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