February 25, 2016

El Molcajete serves up authentic Mexican food


By Rachel Sorgen–

A hidden gem, El Molcajete can be classified as a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant.

One large square room holds about ten tables and a single counter bar in the back. While small, it is clean and the servers are quick to attend. A mix of Mexican, Catholic and horse themed artwork decorate the orange walls.

The size of the menu does not match the size of the restaurant. Reasonably priced, the menu features appetizers, entrees, dessert, alcoholic beverages and lunch portions. In addition to its variety, the menu lists many uncommon and exotic ingredients including cow tongue, octopus and cactus.

My first clue this is going to be an authentic Mexican restaurant experience was when the chips and salsa were served. The salsa was unlike any I had ever eaten. It was warm and topped with fresh cilantro and onions and had a hint of sweetness mixed with the spice of peppers.

The main dishes were served hot and smelled delicious. I ordered the Enchilada el Molcajete and my date ordered chicken fajitas. Both dishes were full of color. The chicken fajitas were well seasoned and had generous amounts of peppers mixed in. The Enchilada el Molcajete had three enchiladas, each doused in a different sauce.

My only complaint was that there wasn’t any chicken in one of the enchiladas, but the waitress kindly¬†brought me a plate of chicken to add into my dish.

Far from bland, it was refreshing to have Mexican food that does not taste like every other chain restaurant.

El Molcajete is unique, near campus and affordable. Not much more a college student could ask for. The restaurant is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week making it perfect for lunch or dinner.

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