By Aaron Vance–

I back Jack Conway for governor. As a Democrat I am proud to do so, and as a Kentuckian I am obligated. Kentuckians need a governor who will serve this Commonwealth well, and Jack is the one for that job.

With an already esteemed career in public service and finishing his second term as Attorney General, Conway has been a key figure in state politics and one who’s career has made this Commonwealth a better place. As a fighter for Kentucky and it’s people Conway has been an integral part in fighting price-gouging at the pump, developing stricter laws for drug traffickers, and working to keep Kentucky children safe online. With those snapshots into Conway’s record, it is evident that Kentucky means a lot to him, and that he is proud to serve, as it’s native son.

Turning to the gubernatorial race, it is evident that no other candidate has a developed as comprehensive of a plan to continue to better our Commonwealth, as Conway and his running-mate, Rep. Sannie Overly, have. With impressive Jobs and Education Plans, Conway-Overly has pledged itself to the interest of economic growth for the betterment of Kentucky. With commitments to all levels of education, Conway understands the need to develop a competitive workforce and a better Kentucky. And, Compared to his opponents, Conway’s understandings of the politics of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are unparalleled. Neither of his opponents have any experience in the capacity of state government, nor could they have the same experience and knowledge that so drives the machine and produces the results that Kentuckians want to see out of their government.

Running against Conway is a seemingly unknown independent—and a Republican candidate—who, amidst his own problems, gaffes and inconsistencies, was disowned by his own party a little over a year ago when he decided to launch a counter-campaign from the far right against Mitch McConnell. I find it hard to believe that the  Republican Party so quickly was able to make nice with their former black sheep, but instead was forced to take a spoonful of sugar with the medicine. The product of the classical clichéd scenario of what can happen when three candidates run, one that left many politicos astonished, Bevin hasn’t been anything other than a lackluster candidate for the Republicans, and you can believe that he won’t be anything more than a lackluster Governor, unable to do anything meaningful for our Commonwealth.

As a proud Kentuckian, I can’t think of a better candidate to vote for this November. And when I head to the polls and cast my ballot for Jack Conway, I will do so in confidence and with much pride that I was able to vote for someone that I have come to admire as a leader in our Commonwealth and hopefully as our future governor.

Photo courtesy / Politico