October 29, 2015

What, what, what are you wearing?: Ramsey goes racist



If you don’t believe in treating all cultures with respect, I highly recommend that you stop reading now.

About a week ago, I hopped on Facebook and was greeted with a BuzzFeed video focused on people of Hispanic descent describing what it felt like to see people dressed as the stereotypical Mexican (maracas, rainbow poncho, sombrero – the works). It was widely shared among my friends, but for those of you who didn’t see it – it wasn’t pretty. One guy basically said, “No one I know dresses like this!”

The takeaway? Don’t dress like a culture. They aren’t costumes, they’re people.

Fast forward to today. I, once again, hopped on Facebook and saw something that completely goes against what I saw a week ago. A picture of President James Ramsey, in a rainbow poncho, standing with a group of people wearing sombreros and smiling while holding maracas. What?

To pile on top of it, the picture was described as a Halloween party with staff members (so these people all work for U of L) and it was held at Ramsey’s mansion that the university pays for. Yes, this is the same place The Courier-Journal reported was often empty because Ramsey and his wife live somewhere else. (Let’s hold off on discussing the fact that donor, student and state funds go to take care of an empty mansion.)

It’s been about two hours and I’m still dumbfounded. The president of a school that prides itself in diversity opted to dress himself and his staff as a culture for Halloween. Not just a culture, but a minority that is frequently faced with prejudice. Not just a culture, but a completely wrongfully depicted culture according to people who are actually in that culture.

There’s a word for this. It’s called racism.

Never mind that if a fraternity threw a party with a Mexican theme and pictures of them in these outfits got out, they would be in huge trouble just like countless other Greek organizations across the country in the past few years.

As the president of a university, I would expect more. As the president of a university currently in the middle of a scandal in the national news, I would expect even more than that. I would expect discretion. I would expect thought and research into whether or not this is considered offensive. Frankly, I would expect more creativity in costume selection. But I guess my expectations are too high for Ramsey.

A year ago, The Cardinal published a flow chart (page 13) to help students understand if their costume choice was racist or otherwise offensive. A quick scan of my Facebook or Twitter feeds would show that U of L students understand how not to be racist with their costumes (or ever) and why that matters. I’m embarrassed that our president doesn’t have the same knowledge.

I said it once, but I guess Ramsey needs to hear it again – they’re not costumes, they’re people.

Oct. 30 – 11:54 a.m.: Editor’s note: I contacted university spokesperson John Karman for comment for this story. The following is the response from Kathleen Smith, Ramsey’s Chief of Staff:

 Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.51.54 AM

Photo courtesy / The Courier-Journal

103 thoughts on “What, what, what are you wearing?: Ramsey goes racist

    1. What a silly little thoughtless race-baiting article. Shame on the administration for not having a back bone on this one. Now they can only spiral downward further into the abyss of absurdity.

        1. I have two friends and they call themselves the poncho brothers. i’ve begged them to stop for months now but they won’t. It’s like they care more about ponchos and the people around them. It’s sad to watch

    2. Welp, at least I can see that the SJW/PC pearl-clutchers, self-appointed moral guardians and speakers for all minority persons have wormed their way well into UofL since I attended. This alum will no longer be making donations to the university as I don’t want to encourage knuckling under to humorless, self-righteous sods like the author.

      1. I will continue to make donations to my University and my Law School out west. One student does not make a school.

    3. “As the president of a university, I would expect more.”

      You’re the president of a university, Olivia?

      It’s astonishing that the editor in chief can’t even write basic English.

    4. This is so very silly. So if you dress in a Toga, you are a racist against Greeks, or like a 20’s mobster, you are racist against Italians, or maybe dress up like the Pope..saw even a baby dressed like one…is that anti Christian, or the various men who dress like women…now we are against transgendered…and sexist….this is the silliest whiny crap and the Latino crowd complaining have embarrassed yourselves…there are far more important things then people dressing up as characters from ethnic groups….just stop acting like sensitive five year olds, grow up and focus your energy on far more important…and this article is just silly.

  1. “The president of a school that prides itself in diversity…”
    Look at this picture. Look at the faces. Do you see diversity in the President’s office?

    1. Yes, I do see diversity in those face. 13% percent of US residents are African-American. I see 2 African-American faces out of the 16 faces shown above. It’s difficult to say but after living abroad for many years I see other ethnicities in the photo as well.

    1. Kudos for what? It’s trying to find problems where none exist. I’m sick of our over sensitive society. Everybody needs to get a life. You know what. First get a job, then tell us what you think.

    2. Thanks LaShana for pointing out your stupidity. I was actually offended by this whole article, and I’m actually offended by you for approving of this dumb article. As a Latino American, you can all piss off, respectfully (actually not, I’m sickened by all of you). I love my school and I love President Ramsey. He, along with this great school, gave me this opportunity, and I will be forever grateful.

  2. I think the writer is racist to think that this is racist. I will make sure my little kid doesn’t dress up as a soldier for Halloween, it could be offensive to those in the military. My little boy also wanted to a be a princess, would this be sexist and seen as offensive?

    This article is bullshit. The writer should find something else better to do with her/his time.

    1. The difference here is that the costume was based on negative stereotypes. You mentioned dressing up as a soldier: imagine the reactions if you dressed up as an American soldier with a bottle of whiskey in your hand, proclaimed that you’re a coward, then pretended to have a flashback and soiled yourself. Would that go over well? Would members of the military think your soldier costume was offensive?

      1. I didn’t realize that maracas/poncho/sombrero comprised a negative stereotype of Mexicans. I obviously realize that it doesn’t represent most Mexicans or Mexican Americans, and I actually thought it was a positive cultural representation of one small past or present subculture, though–colorful, festive, joyous, etc. What is the negative historical association that I’m apparently unaware of? Thanks.

      2. Nick, you are completely missing the point. It’s a HALLOWEEN costume, which means that one WEARS a costume, they don’t walk around with chips on their shoulders shouting about negative stereotypes and creating imagery that wasn’t there to begin with. I don’t see any references anywhere online that any of the people in the U of L picture were screaming negative comments, soiling themselves or otherwise making any negative references whatsoever. No, they were only posing on the front steps with pleasant smiles on their faces. THE HORROR! Maybe you (& anyone else who agrees with this garbage) need to relearn the whole idea behind Halloween, which is dressing up, and ONLY dressing up, for fun and celebration. And the costumes cited in this silly, inflammatory article were NOT offensive, by the way. I come from Scots/Irish ancestry: I guess that means that, based on this article, I need to be hugely offended every Halloween when someone dresses up in a kilt and carries bagpipes, right? Sorry, but if college freshmen are offended by simple costumes such as these (or, as referenced here, simply the PICTURES of said costumes), they need to drop out of college immediately & go back to their mommies for coddling because the real world will just be too hard for them to take. This is not bullying; this is Halloween, which used to be fun until this PC crap hit America squarely in the stomach and made it a crappy, wimpy place to live.

        Oh, and by the way, I was born & raised in Los Angeles and went to a public school in the LAUSD, where we Caucasians made up only 5% of the school population. Hispanics made up 65%. So it’s not like I don’t know and/or appreciate Hispanic culture. None of those kids felt it was offensive when we would wear Sombreros bought in Tijuana, wear the Mexican sweaters we bought there or have pinatas at our parties. And we weren’t ‘mocking’ them by doing these things, either.

        It’s very sad, indeed, when South Park’s latest parodies of American culture (see PC Principal, Safe Place) are more spot-on than ever. A person cannot even sneeze without offending SOMEONE these days. smh

      3. A negative stereotype? I’m polish and even the Mexicans tell pollack jokes. The difference is that I’m secure with who I am and can laugh at a funny joke. I’m sorry for those that are offended. Not because of the party but because they are so insecure and self centered that they think everything is about them personally. What a miserable way to have to live.

      4. I’m a first generation American of Mexican descent, I deployed several times as an infantryman in the US Army, and I don’t find the costumes an insult at all. I actually find your comment much more offensive.

      5. “if you dressed up as an American soldier with a bottle of whiskey in your hand, proclaimed that you’re a coward, then pretended to have a flashback and soiled yourself.” I didn’t see any of the people holding a bottle of whiskey or soiling themselves. Does this mean that any non-Mexicans wearing a sombrero is racist? Does this mean that anyone that does not herd cows but dresses like a cowboy is racist? Does this mean that you and this author are idiots?

  3. As a current UofL law student, I take issue with the statement about not dressing like a culture. As an American of proud German heritage I take pride in seeing the Oktoberfest celebrations this time of year. People can dress in lederhosen,wear a feathered cap and sport mustaches to their hearts content. I’m not the least bit offended.

    1. Well good for you… But neither you or your pending law degree represents all Germans. Additionally, when people dress up for Oktoberfest, they are honoring their culture in a a celebratory and appropriate way. When random people wear STEREOTYPICAL AND INACCURATE depictions of your culture, that is neither celebratory, appropriate or respectful.

      1. Who says that the individual in the costume is even attempting to depict an entire culture? It’s definitely not non-celabratory and how exactly is it inappropriate? Why is it STEREOTYPING and INACCURATE to dress up in such basic allotments? In another breath you hear complaints that one’s culture is not celebrated or recognized enough. Sheesh, grow up and out of your victim mentality and just let the kids (and adults) get their Halloween groove on.

      2. I am from German descent, D. And, I’m very upset with your comment. I’m proud of our University and President. Are you even German? You can wear fXing Lederhosen, and I won’t care, but don’t you dare put down my University. I have too much invested in my education. Why don’t you post your real name and we can talk about it smart guy?

    2. Woah. We have a U of L law student here, ranked #94 in the nation. I’m so ready to read about your enlightened view on dressing like a culture. Maybe take a logic course the next time you try to suggest that because you are not offended, an entirely different group should not be offended.

      1. Woah, welcome to the conversation. I see we have a stupid undergrad here. Why are you seriously offended? Is it because everybody tells you be offended, so you follow the status quo? What a bunch of original thinkers we have. It’s a halloween costume. Calm down. Breathe. Get a life. There are much more important things outside of your dim-witted 17 year old perspective to be concerned about.

      2. Woah, is this what your dumbass came up with? You are an idiot. I’m very offended by you. What school are you in? I would put our Law degree up against your jackass degree any day of the week. Put your real name tough guy. I’m tired of your types trying to put down any of our school.

        1. I went to Duke and I have already graduated. I’m pretty sure Duke Law (ranked #8 in the nation) demolishes U of L Law (#94). The same applies for undergrad: Duke is #8 and U of L is #168.

          Sorry, bud. Stick to your little U of L vs. UK rivalry. At least that is somewhat humorous to watch.

          1. Woah, yeah right. Fill in whatever school to make your point work so you don’t look like the complete idiot that you are. Is this working for you? Do they teach English at Duke, because they apparently missed the boat on you? Admit that you’re just a dumb undergrad.

          2. And I’m a graduate of Stanford. What’s your point, Woah? Do you have anything to contribute to this conversation, or are you here just to say what school you wished you attended. By the way, I would also put U of L’s Law School up against any school from working with their graduates.

  4. To those who refuse to see the inappropriateness of these “costumes”: Imagine Pres. Ramsey and staff in blackface, mammy kerchiefs, and Uncle Remus attire. Hey, they’d only be honoring African American ‘culture,’ right?

    1. What you don’t seem to get it that it SHOULDN’T MATTER if it is appropriate. It’s a freaking halloween costume! A lot of great costumes are tasteless and crude by normal everyday standards. Virtually any costume could be deemed offensive to SOME group if you want to hold everyone to standards of political correctness. But you don’t want to do that. You just want to shame white people and sound righteous crowing about racism, which is the go-to topic for people who have nothing original or insightful to say about anything, and the chosen cause of the most useless people in the world, known as Social Justice Warriors.

  5. As a Latino American I do find it slightly insensitive that the president of a well known university, the person who is supposed to be the reflection of what the university stands for, would choose to dress up as a stereotype of a culture. Especially when there are regulations against it for the students. Dressing up in lederhosen during Oktoberfest or in green with 4 leaf clovers plastered all over is done To celebrate the heritage of those cultures. Dressing up as a “Mexican” for Halloween was probably not done to celebrate the culture, if it was cinco de mayo it most likely would not have been such a big deal. The university and its staff do have a responsibility to be culturally sensitive in their behaviors at school related functions. Now I don’t think I would go so far as calling the action racist. But it was defininetly thoughtless and insensitive.

    1. As a German, dress in Lederhosen as you wish. I will not be offended. Do you know why? Because I DO NOT CARE!!! There are more IMPORTANT things in this world to care about. I read these comments and I think what silly, idiotic, and naive everybody is. Do you understand that you’re in a University that supports your thought processes? Once you get out, forget it. Nobody cares what stupid things you think. You actually have to think for yourself!!! I know it’s hard but try.

  6. My point is aimed at the article’s contention that it is never appropriate to dress as a “culture”. I think it can be appropriate. Dressing like Pancho Villa as a caricature of Mexicans is a seperate issue and a questionable decision.


  8. I’m mexican and I don’t give a shit about this. We have more serious problems going on. This is just some gringos having fun.

    Have you people even heard about this little thing called the Mexican Drug War? more than 100,000 dead people in the past 5 years?

    Gringos in Halloween costumes are the *least* of our problems in Mexico. This is an issue for white people to enjoy being offended by other white people, and it feels a little exploitative that you’re trying to make this news.

    1. Precisamente, Eduardo. “[…] just some gringos having fun.” At whose expense? Historically, gringos had fun watching Stepin Fetchit, bumbling mammies, and other African American stereotypes ‘perform’ their culture for the enjoyment of white audiences. We know better. so no, the source of exploitation here is not the newspaper, which is doing its duty, but the President and his staff, who apparently need to be schooled. And yes, there is a connection to the very real, horrific realities you mention: allow us to be reduced to stereotypes and ‘they’ will become numbed, insensate to the suffering you allude to…these stereotypes dehumanize us, hermano.

      1. You know Pablo, I wasn’t offended until I saw you write “white audiences”. I’m actually very offended that you referred to me as white. I am not white, I am American. What is your real name? I want to sue you for racial discrimination!!! See how easy this is? Everybody needs to get a life. There are much more important things outside of our campus.

  9. It is very sad that we have raised a generation of youth’s who have no idea of what real racism is and who are so full of themselves that they cannot allow themselves or others around them to have a bit of harmless fun. Guess what Olivia, people think that your views towards this are bordering on the absurd. We are Americans and we have every right to put on a ponch and fake moustache if we want. If you don’t like it may I suggest North Korea to you?

  10. In my day people went to school to learn a trade or to study for a career. I guess they now go to learn to be offended by the most trivial things and to learn how to see racism in everything. Good luck in the real world Olivia. You are going to need it if you are offended by a poncho and people having a good time.

  11. Oh. My. Gosh. Easily offended people, please grow up.

    First, “Mexican” is not a race. “Human” is a race.

    Second, where’s the offense? If ‘no one dresses like this’ then it ideally qualified as a Halloween costume. Kind of like, say, witches in pointed hats. (Wiccans must be all kinds of upset.)

    Third, are these hurt feelings actually representative of how real people of Mexican descent feel? Or have we (non-Mexicans) taken it upon ourselves to be offended for them?

    I am of Indian descent myself. I am not in the least offended by Indian stereotypes. You know the ones: turbans, dots on foreheads, lilting accent and bobbling head. Though they fail as generalizations, they are a recognition of the beautifully unique characteristics of a culture.

    We do not all have to be the same. We do not have to pretend we don’t see our differences.

  12. This editorial in the student-run newspaper is respectful, honest and based on sound principles.
    The press releases, statements from the university president and actions of so many university staff who posed for that photo are disrespectful, embarrassing and unacceptable.
    I challenge the student body and faculty to clean house of their clueless administration.

  13. I see you’re dressing up as an insufferable prig this Halloween. Nice.

    It could be said that they are dressing up s a “Mariachi Band.” More importantly, they are wearing the sombrero/serape combo because it’s fun. Makes them happy. Big sombreros remind them of fun parties and people singing them a birthday song in Spanish at a Mexican restaurant. I find it hard to believe that anyone in that photo wore those costumes to tell they world they hate Latino people and want to insult them. If this is truly what you’re taking from this, you need to spend your free time personally making sure all local costume shops destroy their sombreros, not one kimono is allowed to be purchased by a Caucasian, and all “white people be like” bits from Def Comedy Jam be deleted.



  14. This is one of THE most ridiculous issues ever brought about by the uber-sensitive victim class of society. Get over yourselves. I am an American of Mexican descent and am American first not a hyphenated fake ass American. I am very proud of my heritage and cook up a mean ass carne asada and mole. To see somebody dawning a costume of ANY type and taking offense is ABSOLUTE lunacy. You’re supposed to be the future?!?! Grow a pair (if you’re a man)! If you’re a woman, have some sense (we men rely on you for that). Soon we’ll not be able to have any costumes for fear of offending a freakin clown; I know many.

  15. What if they dressed in Bavarian lederhosen, or Hawaiian leis and grass skirts, or Beverly Hillbilly outfits? I’m an old bald guy. Should I be offended by bald wigs? C’mon, does everybody have their knickers in a bunch nowadays? Oops, I think that was British microagression.

  16. Olivia Krauth.

    Go get a life.

    You are being a sexist by calling this racist, you feminazi.

    Don’t you have anything better to do, than write idiotic garbage?

  17. You call this news? You need to find another job . . . one you’re qualified for. Something like cleaning toilets, since this “news” article is crap!


    SIGN PETITION HERE: https://www.change.org/p/students-faculty-staff-calling-for-the-resignation-of-university-of-louisville-president-james-r-ramsey

    In light of recent events that have devalued, hurt, and embarrassed not only an entire culture and race, but also our University, our city, and our state, it is time for James R. Ramsey to step down from his position as president of the University of Louisville.

    It is far too little too late to imagine that lack of diversity training is the reason something such as this occurs. It’s 2015, and this type of insensitivity among academic and professional adults can only be due to gross ignorance and a lifetime of privileged beliefs and actions.

    I call on all of you to hold this man accountable for his negligent, embarrassing behavior – sign the petition to have President James R. Ramsey resign immediately.

    *Due to some of the responses we’ve received thus far, it’s imperative that you understand these ARE NOT mariachis, thinking that alone demonstrates confusion and ignorance. This costume is an example of “brownface”, and it typifies the “lazy Mexican” stereotype.

    1. John Ramsey should not retire, maybe Oliver van Gogh should find another job. Or, maybe Oliver should get a better education. Man, I’m sick of these stupid people. In other news…Oliver, I’m calling you dumb. Got it?

    2. Ok first, starting an article with bruh, is the best way to not get taken seriously. Now onto the article itself, thinking that wearing a poncho, putting on a bushy mustache, or holding a pair of maracas on a day where you’re supposed to play pretend and knock on doors for candy, is ridiculous. This was obviously a group of people wanting to dress up in fun outfits and screw around on a day ment for that kind of thing. This is not a generalization of their culture, nor is it discriminatory. If they had signs that said, “this is what those dirty beaners look like”, then I’d have a problem with it. You talk about them depicting a culture by wearing a costume, when that was not the intent at all, and call them racist for no reason. What happened, is that a group took a peice of a culture, namely the wearing of Sombreros and bushy mustaches, which has been shown to be a real part of history that continues today, and pretending. The type of pretending they did, was not to insult or hurt anyone,it was to dress up as something they aren’t, and that’s okay, because that’s why the holiday was made. They did not try to push negative stereotypes about Mexicans being dirty or lazy, they didn’t thy to do anything at all besides have fun. Another interesting thing to note is, Mexico is a country, the things depicted were from Mexican culture, Mexican is not a race, it’s a nationality, so the costumes can’t even BE racist. If what they did was intended to be fun and playful, not insulting and mean, then it is not wrong. It’s the same as if a friend of yours said something that WAS racist, but didn’t intend it to be, does that make him intolerant or a bigot, no it doesn’t. With this kind of thing, it’s all about the motives and intent behind the action, not the action itself, you need to see the context. In short, stop being so thin skinned, and stop trying to speak up for a group that can and has in this comment section, speak for itself. If you do that, you’ll find most people don’t give half a damn, and think that what you wrote, is in fact a big bunch of whining.

  19. I use to enjoy this paper then I read crap like this. Olivia Krauth, To be offended like this, you and our students must either:
    1: be an idiot.
    2. to have no sense of humor.
    3. to have never worked a day in their pathetic lives nor experience and consider this to be the most important moment in their short lives.
    4. see number 1.
    I’m offended that you even post crap like this. I’m a native american so I understand political correctness, but this is absurd. Do you even understand there is serious stuff to be offended with in this world? What about the Ukranian crisis, the conflict in Syria, poverty in our own country? You speak like a student with nothing important in their own life except what’s 100 ft in front of them. You maam, need to wake up!!! I understand you’re a naive student with your “first job” and need to act important. But to be honest, I’m embarrassed for you and the school if this is the best that we have.

  20. Great, another racist baiting article. How original Olivia. Maybe it’s time you retire from the paper, bruh. What an idiot.

  21. On November 4th, here in London thousands of students are flooding the streets to protest education fines and debts. I’m an American; and a student at UofL. Its shameful that our students are wasting potentially useful time.

    To point out, this is not racism — if anything, the people depicting it as such are racists. They are not critical of mexican “culture”; that is to say that being a “brownface” is actually representative of mexican culture and saying that it is, is stereotypical.

    There are so many other things people can get upset about. No more dressing up for St. Patricks day so as to not upset the Irish. Thanksgiving costumes are clearly out of question for the defense of the sensitivity of Native Americans and English settlers. Soon zombies will be up for politcal correction — the “z” word is outrageously offensive; they’d prefer “informally undead”, or the “metabollically challenged”.

    Next year UofL students will be so tender, abd succumbing to public ridicule that for halloween everyone will show up naked– although I’m sure even that would spark outcry in defense for the naked communities around the globe.

    Get real, undergraduates. Problems get much much worse outside college. Children are drowning in attempt to flee Syria; protest for that! Student debt has exploded and remains unrelenting in expansion; protest that.

    In closure, to take offence does not mean it was given. Cheers

  22. Ms. Krauth wrote:

    “There’s a word for this. It’s called racism.”

    According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of racism is:

    “1: a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race

    2: racial prejudice or discrimination”

    Please explain how wearing a costume meets the definition of racism?

    Ms. Krauth further wrote “a minority that is frequently faced with prejudice.” Hispanics are considered white. Whites are the majority of this country. How are Hispanics minorities again?

    Lastly, Ms. Krauth wrote “Not just a culture, but a completely wrongfully depicted culture according to people who are actually in that culture.” Can she cite her sources?

    I live in Houston and my wife is Mexican-American. I asked her if she was offended by this. She laughed at me and walked away.

    I challenge Ms. Krauth to go to ANY Mexican restaurant (owned by Hispanics in an area with a sizeable Hispanic population) for a meal and tell her server it’s her birthday. I can say with near certainty at the end of her meal, most of the waitstaff will come out whistling with a dessert, plop a SOMBRERO on her head, and sing a variant of “Happy Birthday” to her in English or Spanish.

    At what point did Hispanics ask Ms. Krauth to take it upon herself represent them? I say that perhaps she, by definition, is racist. She obviously thinks that Hispanics can’t stand up for themselves and she knows what the MAJORITY of Hispanics think (not just in Louisville, but the United States) so she uses the bully pulpit of her newspaper to shame the university president for some harmless fun.

  23. Oliver and Olivia – Get a Life! You’re giving olives a bad name. Seriously, can’t you write something with a little more substance than dwelling this groups festive costumes for Halloween? I can see where dressing as a Nazi or an ISIS beheader would offend some, but you both are a bit over the top. There are many more important and relevant issues to be offended by. This piece wasn’t journalism, it was a whiney, self-serving article that hopefully will keep you out of the mainstream of “professional” writing. You could always ask Donald Trump to come in and clarify exactly what is offensive and what is not.

  24. Racist?!? What a load of crap. President Ramsey, there is no need to apologize. Costume wearing is not offensive, especially during halloween. Had this been Cinco de Mayo, I may…may just then agree with the author. Had these folks been in lederhosen and dirndls during Oktoberfest, all would have been fine…nothing to see here folks, just fun loving Bavarian wannabee’s. Articles like this are absolutely foolish and the writer has displayed a pathetic attempt at making a mountian out of…well, nothing!

  25. If you are offended by people dressing up as mexicans for halloween, fuck you. Quit being an overly sensitive pussy. Grow some goddamn balls and stop crying over everything. And, another thing, Merry fucking christmas and happy fucking hanukkah…shove your happy holidays up your politically correct asses and go suck a fat reindeer dick.

  26. I take it liberal universities across America will be telling non-Irish students NOT to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day so as not to be culturally insensitive toward people of Irish descent? LOL. The loony left sure provides a lot of comedic relief!

  27. That’s not racist, the fact that this gentleman and his companions had to apologize is cringy for us real Mexicans.

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