‘L Trail’ lacks funding, construction pending

After a student was stabbed near campus last fall, President James Ramsey initiated a plan to construct a walking path with enhanced lighting and security on campus, called the ‘L Trail.’ The SGA safety committee and ULPD collaborated on plans for the ‘L Trail’ last semester, but there is one major setback keeping the plan from fruition: funding.

SGA Services Vice President Morgan Cooksey initially planned for phase one of the ‘L Trail,’ a section of the path from the Chevron Lot to Ekstrom Library, to break ground in May.

“We are currently assessing the itemized list of predicted installation costs for the trail, to see exactly where our funding’s going to go and to make sure all the priorities are put in first for phase one. Our plan as SGA is to have this implemented and done if not by May then by summer.”

The trail will potentially cost between $40,000 to $50,000. The Interfraternity Council donated $5,000 toward the project in December, but with roughly 90 percent left of the total cost, the SGA says that research and plans for funding must be established before they take further action.

“For the rest of the funding we are working with the Office of Business Affairs to see if there is a funding match from a donor or a foundation,” said Cooksey.

Next year SGA Services Vice President-elect Kaylee Brandt take over the project after Cooksey graduates.

“I will continue advocating for funds and making sure that the police department is on board with the ‘L Trail,’ and obviously continue on what Morgan Cooksey has started,” said Brandt.

While the safety committee continues to discuss the importance of the ‘L Trail,’ the university has not yet hired a contractor for the project.

Since the start of the fall semester and the present, the university has sent out three strong-armed robbery Rave Alerts. All three incidents occurred near the west side of campus.

Student Alekya Veldhi says that the ‘L Trail’ may help students feel safer on campus.

“I think it’s a good idea.  Personally I’ve had a bad experience walking on campus at night,” said Veldhi. “It was pretty bad. I just ran for my life to my car and drove away. I think any safety improvement should be made.”

Map by Simon Isham / The Louisville Cardinal

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