Earlier this month, the Interfraternity Council (IFC) announced a $5,000 donation to the ‘L Trail,’ a safety initiative proposed by the Student Government Association.

The planned ‘L Trail’ will be a well-lit path between Ekstrom Library and Chevron Lot that will provide a safe walkway for students after dark.

“As of now the contribution is a one-time donation and covers 12.5 percent of the total cost,” said SGA Services Vice President Morgan Cooksey. At the SGA meeting on Nov. 18, Cooksey estimated the ‘L Trail’ would cost $40,000 to $50,000.

Former IFC President Taylor Weitlauf, along with the newly elected President Raymond White, said that the IFC executive board reached out to Cooksey about the ‘L Trail’ earlier in the semester. The IFC is made up of 15 fraternities.

“We were looking for meaningful and impactful projects to support,” he said. “We wanted to use our funds in a visible way that would be beneficial for both Greek and non-Greek students at U of L.”

The IFC’s donation will come from their operating budget, which includes funds from all 15 member fraternities.

“IFC will be donating 12.5 percent of the initial cost of the ‘L Trail,’ contingent on the next IFC approving the terms of the sponsorship agreed upon by SGA and the new IFC,” said Weitlauf.

While specific construction details for the ‘L Trail’ are still in progress, Cooksey mentioned that the path will recognize the IFC in some way.

“We are not sure the details of the trail signage, but we are evaluating the best options. The ideal implementation will include a section of the trail that visibly recognizes the generosity of IFC and their concern for student safety on campus,” said Cooksey.

“This project would not be possible without the support of students, faculty and staff and their willingness to listen to student concerns in order to make impactful changes on campus,” said Cooksey.

Cooksey said that she hoped to see the first phase of ‘L Trail’ construction on Belknap campus by May 2015.