February 22, 2015

SGA hopes students may soon use swipes at food trucks

Dining options and locations at U of L are limited, especially when it comes to where students can use meal swipes and flex points. That may soon change with U of L considering the use of food trucks and a possible partnership with The Louisville Food Truck Association.

The Louisville Food Truck Association was founded in 2012 and began using trucks to bring a variety of local gourmet food to the city. If the university reaches an agreement with the Association, students would have the convenience of eating a larger variety of good food at more locations across the Belknap and HSC campuses.

“Sodexo and the University of Louisville have kind of decided since students are so interested in this food truck phenomenon, then why don’t we make it available to them potentially utilizing their meal plan dollars,” says SGA Services Vice President Morgan Cooksey.

A partnership would give students the opportunity to use their meal plan instead of cash or credit, which is one of the main issues with buying food on and around the campuses.

Sodexo’s Resident District Manager Matti Verder stated, “We are going to purchase a portable tablet, which will be the mechanism where students can use their meal plans and use their meal cards. So that is the intent, that there will be a choice of cash or credit, or you can use your meal plan.”

This is great news for students because of how few places there are where they can utilize swipes, Cardinal Cash and flex points. Despite there being a food strip located in Cardinal Towne, none of the restaurants offer meal payment by flex points or meal swipes, which has caused the restaurants on the campuses that do to become timeworn.

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