February 16, 2015

TLC endorses Victoria Allen for SGA President

The Cardinal endorses Victoria Allen of Auburn, Ky. for SGA President. Allen believes that if she becomes the next SGA president, she will accomplish her proposed objectives in the future with the most sincere amount of tenacity. But most importantly she will allow those of us on campus who feel as if we may not have a voice a much needed chance to be heard.

Currently the SGA President for the College of Arts & Sciences, Allen recently sat down with The Cardinal to discuss her views on important issues arising here on campus.

The biggest problem Allen believes our university is currently facing and will continue to do so in upcoming years, is the transition into the ACC.

With academic powerhouses such as Wake Forest and Georgia Tech breathing down our neck, Allen exemplifies nothing short of composure when proposing her ideas to keep up with such academic challenges. Believing that the U of L’s integrity as the most diverse college in the state should not be lost astray in the midst of meeting said challenges, Allen seems prepared to embrace such obstacles with open arms.

“We must never lose sight of who is most important in this transition, and be conscientious about the culture we want to create.” This is what Allen had to say regarding the upcoming transition at U of L to solidify the student body towards a common goal.

The staff here at The Cardinal endorses Allen in her race to become the next SGA President, as she not only demonstrates significant qualities of clear and personable communication skills, but the knowledge of how issues here on campus cannot be solved with just concerns, but with a well-devised plan of action. After meeting with each presidential candidate, The Cardinal found Allen to have the most experience in regards of campus issues and problems here at U of L.

Allen is a self-proclaimed fighter. When discussing her initial reasoning for running for SGA President, Allen confidently reassures this proclamation by stating, “The role of president is one that requires a tenacity that refuses to standby and wait for problems to be solved.”

Allen understands that in order for challenges to be met and adversity to be overcome, we as a unified student body must inhibit a forward moving attitude that never loses sight of our diverse identity; an attitude that strives for success and excellence no matter what roadblock stands before us.

Identifying an important issue students face here on campus is one thing, but understanding how to solve this issue is a completely different ball game. With the capability of utilizing her previous experience in SGA, Allen not only provides hope for the student body regarding long awaited issues to be addressed, but for them to actually be resolved.

Whether it is the safety concern, the lack of meal choices or everyone’s favorite uprising coaster of tuition, we are past the stage of discussion. Action needs to be taken, and Allen is our choice to lead the way.

Editors Note: Assistant News Editor Adeline Wilson was not included in the planning or discussion of this endorsement due to personal relationships with members of the slates this election cycle. Assistant Editor-in-Chief Jacob Abrahamson was also not included in the endorsement for similar reasons.

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