Dear Editor,

Recently The Cardinal published an article that many, including myself, saw as a very narrow representation of fraternity and sorority life here at the University of Louisville. As President of the Panhellenic Council, which represents eight sororities on campus, I wanted to state that what the author wrote was not only ill-informed, but also an unfair representation of all of the wonderful sorority women here at U of L. Our Panhellenic community stands for good scholarship, high standards and service to our college and community. The article does not acknowledge the countless hours of community service our members volunteer, the large amounts of philanthropy dollars our members raise and the multitude of organizations that our members are a part of – all while maintaining a higher-than-average GPA. The stereotypes written in the article not only discredit our current undergraduate members, but also do a disservice to our hard working alumnae and the prestigious degrees they earned at the University of Louisville.

As President of the Panhellenic Council, I ask that The Cardinal and its readers do more to accurately understand and represent each of our unique organizations rather than making sweeping generalizations from such a small sample of interviews. I know that as a fraternity and sorority community we strive to be open to all individuals, no matter one’s background, beliefs, or appearance. I feel this nature of inclusion to be especially true on game day because then we come together as a campus and a united Cardinal family. Going forward it is my hope that we, as a student body, will continue to celebrate what makes us all unique while still being able to always come together to cheer our teams to victory.

Go Cards

Hanna Alcock

Panhellenic President