Mon. Jan 27th, 2020

Elle Raiser heads up the U of L Tailgate Team

By Maggie Bieger–

The Louisville Cardinal Football season has begun. Not only are the fans looking forward to the intense atmosphere at the games, but also fans are equally excited for the tailgating.

This year students are in for a new and improved Louisville Student Tailgate. It is sponsored by Sully’s and UV.  The U of L Tailgate team includes Tyler Moxley, Michael Carver and Michael Paoloni. They plan to bring you a new tailgate experience.

The team met with others in Greek life to plan how to get things started. They said it’s all about bringing the fans together.

Michael Paoloni, also known as Elle Raiser, said, “By putting a DJ in the middle of the area, it allows for people to set up around the stage and come together.”

He plans to bring in entertainment from some of the best DJs in Louisville, a free concert for fans, and appearances from basketball and football alumni.

In past years, student tailgates at the fairgrounds have been all about hanging out with your own organization and playing your own music and having your own food. This new tailgate experience hopes to bring the whole student community fan base together to cheer on their favorite team.

The U of L Tailgate team hopes the improvements will benefit the fans and UofL football. “We are all out there to have fun and go cheer on our team”, Paoloni said.

Fans can look forward to a Big Black appearance, Louisville gear and ticket giveaways, and a possible showing of ESPN Road Trip at the upcoming game against EKU.

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