March 1, 2012

Editorial: Rising gas prices hit students at the pump

As you drive down Arthur Street on your way to campus, you’ll notice that gasoline has reached prices in excess of $3.70 per gallon and will likely soon hit $4.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the $20 bill in your pocket won’t take your car as far as it used to. A fill-up can cost anywhere from $40 – $80, depending on what kind of wheels you cruise around in.

And we aren’t all as forward thinking as Prius-owning hipsters. Yes, you were right – hybrid cars are probably a good idea. And you knew about them before they went mainstream, too.

But, since we don’t all drive gas-sipping hybrids, we’re going to have to deal with dishing out huge sums of cash at the pump.

As college students, money is already tight, and rising gas prices are an unwelcome sight when our wallets are light enough as it is.

Other than hitting up your hybrid-owning eco buddy for a ride, there are ways to ‘stick it to the man’ and beat the pump.

During the semester, if you live too far from campus to ride a bicycle, carpooling is always a financially savvy way get to school and possibly enjoy some nice conversation on the way, or catch some extra z’s if you’re fortunate enough to ride in the passenger’s seat.

Another perk that seems many university students may forget is that our student ID’s double as a TARC pass. Many of us ride the TARC back and forth to the stadium, but our ID’s will work anywhere in the city for a free ride on the public transportation system.

Although prices at the pump are on the rise, temperatures are as well, fortunately. For those of us that live on or near campus, walking or riding a bicycle around town can allow you to park your gas guzzler a little more often.
When the weather gets nice, a bike ride to Bardstown Road to visit all the trendy shops and restaurants can be a good way to enjoy the day without requiring a trip to the pump.

There are also bike racks downtown, so you should take avantage. Go check out the waterfront, the Science Center or any of the other super-cool places Louisville has to offer.

That’s another thing – during spring break, you don’t have to go far to have a good time. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your pals, consider a stay-cation. There’s plenty of fun in your own hometown.

The rising gas prices can be very frustrating, but it’s out of our control, and complaining won’t do anything. The best thing for us to do is accept the fact that we can’t do anything about it and decide to take action in order to control our depleting finances.

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Photo/Flickr: MoBikeFed

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